Trigger Warning Dead

“I think I’m going to build something on his legacy. We’re supposed to keep going. This horse came into our lives and touched us.” – owner Jim Thompson, Horse Racing Nation

“God put that horse in my life for a reason – to give me a taste of what it’s all about. I will honor that moment.” trainer Mike Rone, Horse Racing Nation

Trigger Warning, three, is dead after suffering a break at the end of the 7th at Mahoning Monday. We know this because – and only because – this was a $250,000 “stakes race” (the highlight of lowly Mahoning’s calendar), and TW was a $500,000-earning, five-win colt coming off a Grade 1 Breeders’ Cup race earlier this month. (While my year-end FOIA reporting catches much of the killing, this, because it happened at the hospital, is one that may have flown under the radar.)

Still, these types of kills never fail to befuddle me: I can post this and all is quiet within racing circles – not a peep to be heard. But when a “star” goes down, we’re treated to a social-media torrent of “thoughts, prayers, and condolences” and (disgusting) quotes like the ones above. Is this just an uncanny ability to compartmentalize or simple, unadulterated moral-bankruptcy? You decide.


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  1. The whole system of race horses dying on the track or in the hospital, with people quoting how much they loved the horse, only because of the winnings, is so disgusting and totally unfair to all the horses, winners or not!

  2. TRIGGER WARNING – so sorry for you.
    TW is yet another victim of this vile business and the vile people who exploited him.
    There will be no investigation or an investigation that leads to nowhere.
    The executioner will not be held accountable whatsoever.
    The doping/vet records leading up to his public execution will not be released because they will, most likely, indicate chronic issues that were continually being masked by dope to keep him going, to keep him bringing in the money.
    One more gamble, one more time, but the gamble ended badly for TW.
    Patrick, in response to your questions, as a former apologist, I can tell you that these people are morally bankrupt for starters, completely delusional, and view horses as nothing more than an ATM.
    When the ATM comes up empty or dies they are thinking about their next victim as the above comments reflect.
    LINDA RICE – a trainer with a trail of dead racehorses behind her, and WITH EXULTATION may be her next since her race stable is a never ending revolving door of dumping, maiming, and/or killing.
    This horse made $408,384 and is 8 years old being steadily dropped lower into the claiming ranks.
    Not even $400,000 is enough for a grassy paddock and soft landing because these parasites suck every single last drop of blood that they can from them even taking their life.
    He’s now running for $25,000, but he will probably remain there as he gets dropped or somebody will claim him so his nightmare will begin all over again with no medical records following him resulting in repeated invasive procedures designed to keep him going.
    This business is horrific so please don’t support it, educate people about the truth behind the fancy hats, and “entertainment” banner.

  3. When I saw his chart, knowing he had been vanned off, I was curious to see what it would say. There was no mention of him being pulled up in the gallop out, injured, or vanned off. Makes me wonder how many more horses are injured and dead, that we never know about, because of situations like this.

  4. Horrific details have emerged surrounding the catastrophic breakdown of TRIGGER WARNING.
    Some of the details are on social media and being exposed by stable personnel so you be the judge.
    Evidently, the cannon bone was shattered, the horse was in extreme suffering, the track vet wanted him immediately euthanized, but the owner Jim Thompson got an idea – save TW for a possible return to racing according to people who were in the stable area.
    However, the story in the Bloodhorse seems to indicates that he wanted to save him for a “pasture pet.”
    Now, assuming that he suddenly got a burp of morality, wanting to give TW a pasture (chuckle chuckle), he then loaded up Trigger Warning and drove him 5 1/2 hours to Rood & Riddle in Lexington, KY.
    For those of you who have never witnessed a horse with shattered bones – it’s absolutely horrific, and the horse is suffering beyond description.
    It’s entirely different than a person shattering a bone for a multitude of reasons.
    Painkillers have their limitations and barely take the edge-off in this situation.
    In fact, there is a maximum dosage that can be given, which probably was in this case, so this horse had to endure 5.5 hours of absolute torture.
    Hardly a person who truly cares about a horse.
    In fact, this emerging scenario makes crystal clear that the owner only cares about himself not the horse.
    It is, however, a testament to this unbelievably courageous horse who actually endured the trip only to be euthanized because most other horses would have probably colicked and die either on the track or during the van ride.
    Trigger Warning wanted to live, but he was fighting a powerful industry that views him as another number to fill their wagering coffers.
    How fucking pathetic this business and the people in it are.

  5. The hope was for him to be a lucrative, most likely regional, stallion. There is a lot of money in the Ohio bred program, for now.

    • Your probably right so: TRIGGER WARNING was forced to endure a perilous journey so that they could capitalize on his penis, testicles, and sperm.
      Wow – doesn’t that make us all feel better?
      I wouldn’t be surprised if they cut his balls open, while he was laying dead on the stall floor, to take his sperm out for future use (even though the industry requires “live cover.”), bottle it, and sell it.
      After all, this is horse racing.

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