“Found Deceased in Stall” at Monticello; Dead of “Severe Laminitis” at Belmont

From the NYS Gaming Commission:

At Monticello Saturday, KJ Henry Michael “found deceased in stall early morning.” The report also notes that he was a yet-to-be-raced 2-year-old – “found deceased.”

At Belmont Sunday, A True Giant “developed severe laminitis subsequent to injury sustained three weeks prior – euthanized in stall.” A True Giant was three and had been put to the whip four times, most recently at Saratoga in August.

Horses dying – with help or otherwise – in their stalls: This, too, is horseracing.


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  1. These facts are so vile that any normal, rational, compassionate person would be outraged.
    All racehorse lives matter, but I will spotlight the lowest form of parasitic scum: trainer RUDY RODRIQUEZ.
    A TRUE GIANT was sent into the hands of pure evil when he ended up with this racehorse abuser, cheater, doper and killer Rudy Rodriquez.
    Rodriquez has a long history of suspicious, mysterious, and blatant outright inhumane treatment and dying of racehorses under his power.
    Yet, this industry supports him, provides stalls for him, and consents to his racehorse abuse by doing absolutely nothing about this creep or by even permitting him to be around a racehorse is enabling this abuser.
    If there is an investigation it will lead to nowhere like all the others or the penalty will be so minimal that it is laughable to any sane person.
    Like I posted previously it’s the trainers who will do just about anything to these racehorses in order to fill races and increase wagering profits, who will continue to be supported in more ways than one.
    These are also the trainers who, more than likely, are training for members of the HBPA or wagering companies since they are the benefactors of the blood money generated by the massive suffering of racehorses to fill the wagering coffers.
    Pathetic, sick, and vile.

  2. Again, another heart-breaking piece of news — when will the world take this to heart — we must SHUT DOWN THE BUSINESS OF HORSE RACING — Because these majestic animals are treated cruelly prior to and throughout their careers AND do NOT have a voice, we humans MUST protect them — to think they’re abandoned and/or murdered during AND after their racing years : this is unconscionable and cruel, it’s depravedly indifferent, immoral, merciless, cowardly, irrational, shameful AND — it MUST be ILLEGAL! — Moreover, these beautiful animals who do so much for us humans in so many capacities MUST be revered and honored — I repeat, we must SHUT DOWN THE BUSINESS OF HORSE RACING.

  3. Once you know what laminitis is then you will realize just how horrific life was for A TRUE GIANT before he died.
    He would have been suffering a very long time without proper medication and/or treatment leading to death.
    Every part of this story seems to point to the severe neglect of A TRUE GIANT, blatant disregard for his well-being, and he was probably left to die because they didn’t want to spend the money for treatment.
    This is yet another example of how the SECRET doping/vet records covers-up these situations, and protects the trainers/owners from being held accountable for, what would otherwise be, racehorse abuse/charges.
    There are usually no investigations or investigations that lead to nowhere, and his abusive trainer, Rudy Rodriquez, is an ex-jockey probably training for the Jockey Club so the possibility of any accountability is next to nil.
    These apologists are demented, delusional, racehorse abusers – every single one of them.
    This is the real world of horse racing.

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