Defend This (Multiple Kills Yesterday)…

Defend this, Ray Paulick, Bill Finley, Steve Haskin, Teresa Genaro, and all the other callous hacks who celebrate “The Sport of Kings.”

First, at least three kills yesterday:

In the 4th at Penn, E Licious “stopped after a half, was eased up through the lane then collapsed and died just past the wire” (Equib). E Licious was three – “collapsed, died.”

While training at Belmont, Rahy’s Bandit “suffered a fracture to her leg and was euthanized on the track” (Gaming Commission). Rahy’s Bandit was seven. In her last race, September 27 at that same track, she finished last of 10, 32 lengths back.

While training at Santa Anita, Tariqcollapsed [and died]…from apparent cardiac event while about to exit track” (DRF). Tariq was two – “apparent cardiac event.”

Also, on Thursday, Love Poochie Loo was euthanized at Finger Lakes for “colic without resolution” – the third such death at that track this month. Love Poochie Loo was four years old. Before dying (most likely, painfully), she had been raced a total of six times, all last year: last, 32 lengths back; last, 32 lengths back; last, 44 lengths back; second-to-last, 18 lengths back; 6th, 11 lengths back; last, 38 lengths back. And yet – her owner, Slaughterrock (how obscene is that?) Racing Stable, and current trainer, Andrew Williams, intended to keep racing her. Vile people, vile industry.

And finally, this from the 1st at Los Alamitos last night:

According to the chart, the horse who initially went down, 3-year-old Gamezapper, was “hit” by two other horses after falling to the dirt. No word as yet on conditions, but it’s a good bet that at least one – almost assuredly, Gamezapper – is dead.


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  1. Instead of “Horse racing” call it “Horse killing” because that’s what it is….. this problem will not end until you get the insurance companies out of the mix. As long as these greedy low lifes can kill their horses and get their investments back with insurance, this carnage will continue.

  2. It is stunning that racing has not been shut down after such killings. Or, it should be stunning. Now, this suffering and these deaths are routine events.

  3. This is just so sad for the horses, they are such magnificent animals and should be treated with more respect. Horses are a great part of America’s history and still serve in many cases today. They should not be used just for profit!

  4. There are vaccines out there that kill animals. We just lost our dog 5 days having a vaccination. I wonder if some horses loose their lives as a result of vaccines they receive

    At any rate this so-called sport is as bad as anything that pits animals against each other or humans such as dogs, roosters, bull fights. These end up with a death.

    Horse racing should be banned all across America

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