The Abuse and Killing of Laguna Dream

Laguna Dream was first put to the whip as a 2-year-old on December 16 of last year. In total, she would be raced four times, all at Gulfstream Park:

December 16 – 12th of 13, 17 3/4 lengths back
January 24 – last of 10, 22 lengths back
March 17 – last of 11, 33 1/2 lengths back
April 5 – 9th of 10, 19 lengths back

In that April race, she was said (by Equibase) to have “hit the rail.” Sixteen days later, I have confirmed, she was killed while training. Her life, and the blatant disregard of it, defines abhorrent. Her master, abuser, complicit destroyer: Joseph Orseno.


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  1. The abuser and executioner this time?
    Joseph Orseno (JO)
    Let me tell you a little bit about JO.
    JO was or still is the buddy and trainer for Frank Stronach (FS)
    You know FS the dude who claims to loves racehorses and the game so much that he bought up a bunch of racetracks.
    You know – racetracks like Santa Anita that ensures the anonymity of the very people that kill racehorses or the racehorses who drop dead on his tracks, and there are plenty.
    JO and FS have a lengthy history of winning with “longshots” and since FS owns wagering firms like XpressBet that translates to millions in profits.
    So it shouldn’t surprise anybody that JO killed Laguna Dream at Frank Stronach owned Gulfstream.
    This, of course, will ensure either no investigation or an investigation that leads to nowhere.
    The killers are protected on Frank Stronach tracks and they flock there like bees and honey.
    Of course their stall allocations are to those who placate the wagering demands of filling races (even if it means with sore and abused horses) to subsequently fill FS owned wagering companies most likely.
    This business is CORRUPT TO THE CORE folks.
    It’s important to note that FS ensured that Gulfstream Park and horse racing was exempt from the ballot that will, most likely and finally, put and end to greyhound racing.
    We all know that horse racing should have been included in the DECOUPLING BILL, and the folks who fought so hard to end greyhound racing didn’t say a thing about that, which is shameful, but perhaps they just wanted to get at least one thing through so they let that go.
    FS will go to no lengths to facilitate the ongoing cruelty, abuse, and/or dying of racehorses on his properties.
    He’s just another apologist and enabler of the massive suffering of sentient beings on the tracks that he owns.
    His money is full of blood from the racehorses who paid the ultimate price.

  2. The main goal of the racing secretary is to fill the cards. I recently read in a racing publication that when the size of a field is increased from seven to eight, the handle, for that race, is increased by 15%. For those that understand basic math, a 15% increase in handle is a huge amount of money. Horse isn’t ready to run? Horse doesn’t want to run? Horse is non-competitive? It doesn’t matter to those responsible for filling the cards. Get them into the gate and let the chips fall where they may. As Patrick has stated many times, this industry is vile.

  3. Filling races, increasing the number of racehorses, and subsequently wagering profits is the priority.
    Consequently, the trainers who send out horses to fulfill this goal are the ones who get the stalls.
    The trainers with a trail of dead racehorses under their belt, and the ones who are, most likely, directly involved with the wagering firms and/or the HBPA are the trainers who get unfettered access to the system.
    Furthermore, trainers who have mysterious deaths under their belts garners no investigations on tracks that require their racing stable to fill races.
    The victims are the racehorses, they are caught up in this quagmire of unreasonable demands on their under developed muscoskeletal systems, and/or their constant stream of doping cocktails to keep them going.
    Every apologist is responsible for this, every single one of them – you can’t just single out the vets because they require consent from the trainer, and the person who pays them – the owners.
    There are no neutral organizations investigating, but really what would it prove other than the fact that racehorses are gambling pawns who are suffering daily for $2 bets and even dying for them.
    Absolutely, unequivocally VILE and has no place in the 21st century – none.

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