A Kill at Far Hills – “A Memory to Last a Lifetime”

Equibase’s line for Top Man Michael in the 7th at the Far Hills Steeplechase yesterday: “led midway including his last four jumps, broke down and was euthanized.”

Juxtapose that with this from the Far Hills website: “Far Hills Race Meeting is New Jersey’s premier social and sporting event. For nearly a century, this annual gathering has attracted a large and loyal fan base who return, year after year, to watch the world’s finest steeplechases, reconnect with family and friends, network, support worthy causes and make memories to last a lifetime.”

Watching a horse break and die – a memory to last a lifetime. Vile.


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  1. My heart breaks for these innocent, vulnerable, majestic horses who are always at the mercy of us humans — There are a hell of a lot of deaths here — all premature — all due to depraved abuse & extremely hard work — TO END THESE unconscionably cruel ABUSES and DEATHS : NO MORE betting on horses, NO MORE attending horse races, NO MORE patronizing racinos where horses can be found — PLEASE, DO IT for the horses — if we don’t protect them, then WHO WILL — PLEASE.

  2. This just happened this year in race number 6. The number 6 horse, Wicklow Brave from Ireland, wAs put down on the field after something happened after a jump. I will never go back. That memory will always be with me.

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