Kills at Finger Lakes, Mountaineer

Flirtin N Flashin, a “broke down” in the chart notes for the 2nd at Finger Lakes yesterday, is dead – euthanized where she lay, says the Gaming Commission. She was seven years old; this was her 41st time under the whip.

I have also confirmed that Looking At You is dead after “taking a bad step” in the 6th at Mountaineer Tuesday. She was two; this was her 5th race.

Young, old (for Racing, that is), it matters not – horseracing kills sans discrimination.


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  1. “Taking a bad step,” is another delusion perpetrated by this industry.
    Reputable equine studies have concluded that the “bad step” theory is inaccurate in most cases.
    Rather, it’s pre-existing conditions that are continually masked with dope to keep them going, subsequently filling the wagering coffers.
    The owners are well aware that their racehorse is being turned into a pin cushion because they pay for it – every single one of the connections are aware, but they still send them out risking their life and limbs every time without one shred of concern – so much for “royal” treatment right?
    Lack of transparency is the cornerstone of this business so don’t fall for the “bad step” excuse – the racehorse was suffering long before it dropped dead in the dirt most likely.
    It’s pitiful what’s going on and it needs to shut down now.
    If it weren’t for the politicians inextricably tying in casino profits with live racing then most tracks would have shuttered by now, and it can’t come soon enough for the horses.

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