Another “Went Wrong” Kill in Kentucky; Training Kill at Aqueduct

Next Dance, two, is dead after snapping a leg at Keeneland yesterday. It was her fourth time under the whip. As I wrote late last month, Kentucky chartwriters prefer the euphemism “went wrong” for their kills, and this one was true to form.

With Aqueduct readying to take the NYRA baton from Belmont, a pre-meet kill: K’s Cabernet “sustained [leg] fracture while breezing which necessitated euthanasia on track.” Curiously, this occurred eight days back, but the Gaming Commission is only now disclosing. The 3-year-old was being prepped for her first race.


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  1. I guess life is cheap. Just another ypung innocent animal dead. Murdered for human “enjoyment”. People are such ignorant self centered fools. May the human race end as soon as possible

  2. The infamous Calumet Farm where Alydar was probably killed for equine insurance money by J.T. Lundy.
    Calumet Farm bred, owned, and raced NEXT DANCE who snapped a leg-off at Keeneland the other day.
    The wagering public has to be deliberately ignorant to not acknowledge and stop supporting the ongoing dying of racehorses.
    From an article in 1999 the truth about their disposable commodities written by pro-horse racing people:
    An excerpt from a racehorse owner:
    Racehorses are the “same as a losing ticket, you rip it up and throw it away. And racing is doing that.″
    Every bet supports this brutal end for most or for many dropping dead in the dirt.
    Article after article, for years, acknowledging the lethal cocktails, the corruption, the dying, and it’s disgusting that our politicians continue to support this modern day death factory of living beings – of beautiful horses for $2 bets.
    We, the taxpayers, are supporting this in one form or another, and this has got to stop.

  3. Oh come on racing industry, this two (2) year old baby, a filly, “went wrong” ???
    Hello, hello, helloooooooo

    At the very least, an innocent horse bred for the racing industry deserves a hell of a lot more than being described as “went wrong” when she suffered a catastrophic injury, a broken leg, causing her excruciating pain both physically and psychologically.

    Her life stolen from her.

    Have you no conscience?

    I think not.

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