“Fell Heavily to the Track,” Dead at Belmont (With Video)

The first – and last – race for 2-year-old Tell You What, as described by the Equibase writer: “TELL YOU WHAT…came under coaxing past the three-eighths…suffered a catastrophic injury swinging five to six wide into upper stretch and fell heavily to the track and unfortunately had to be euthanized on track.” “Unfortunately.” For Belmont Park, this makes it 22 sacrificed on the year. 22 dead animals – for gambling.

Here is NYRA’s official replay. Watch as this equine babe “falls heavily” to the track…

A few minutes later, a celebration for the “winner” – as Tell You What is being injected with the pentobarbital solution that will end his life…

Vile to the core.


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  1. I have seen comments that this poor young horse was able to get back on his feet and attempt to run on with a broken, dangling leg. Imagine the terror and pain he felt, trying with everything he had left in him, to get himself to safety. And there are the smiling, cheering, happy faces in and around the winners circle because the winning horse just made them money with his body. They don’t seem to be fazed by the “incident” in the stretch. How heartless this industry is. Apologists will say, ” it just happens, its part of the sport”. The terror and pain are a huge part of it.

    • Peggy, you said it – he did what his survival instincts told him to do – get up and run. His “herd” was all he had for safety. I saw this happen to a 2-year-old colt at Great Lakes Down many years ago – a little chestnut. When the rest of the field crossed the finish line and rounded the turn way ahead of him, only then did he quit trying to catch up with them – he, instead, sought safety and comfort from the pony horses standing on the other side of the rail. His dangling leg was horrifying – but the terrified confusion in his eyes was heartwrenching.

      Betting on babies. Killing babies. Makes me sick.

  2. SHUT DOWN this depravedly cruel, unconscionable industry — the Horses suffer from Day #1 and those Humans who can rescue them, indifferently turn a blind eye — NOTE : — If animals had genuine RIGHTS, as we humans do, this would NEVER be tolerated — NEVER! — The fact that animals are living, sentient beings with emotional, psychological lives is a NO-BRAINER — everyone on the planet KNOWS this! — For further information, please look to NhRP : NONHUMAN RIGHTS PROJECT == “The legal struggle to recognize the fundamental rights of humans was arduous. — So, too, will be the struggle to recognize the fundamental rights of NONHUMAN animals, since so many humans benefit from exploiting them.” – NhRP President @Steven_M_Wise

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