Another Colic Death at Finger Lakes; A “Bad Step” Kill at Mountaineer; “Put to Whip Despite Appearing Lame” at Penn

For the second time in a week, an active racehorse has been felled by “colic without resolution” at Finger Lakes. According to the Gaming Commission, Field Sense, six, was “humanely euthanized” yesterday – a mere six days after he brought up the rear in a $5,000 claiming race at that same track. Owner/trainer, Kevin McCarthy.

I have also confirmed that Lazy Daisy May is indeed dead after “[taking] a bad step, falling” and being “vanned off” at Mountaineer Wednesday. She was seven; ’twas her 51st time under the whip.

Finally, this from Equibase for the 5th at Penn last night: “ARCTIC MIA broke in the air…bore out on the turn while falling back, was put to whip through the lame [sic] despite appearing lame, pulled up shortly after the wire and was vanned off.” “Put to whip despite appearing lame.” Abuser atop, Stephanie Sheroski.

This is horseracing.


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  1. Male or female trainer, jockey, stable personnel, or anybody deriving a living off the horse racing slave market – all abusers or enablers of the abuse – the entire lot of them.
    When they are not abusing racehorses they are abusing precious taxpayers money in the form of corporate welfare or holding politicians legally liable to give them a percentage of casino profits to the tunes of millions.
    These millions would otherwise be distributed to much needed community needs as they were intended.
    They are parasites, unable to financially sustain themselves, who exploit voiceless racehorses and ignorant patrons to continue to fill their wagering coffers.
    So sorry for FIELD SENSE, LAZY DAISY MAY, ARCTIC MIA – all living beings run into the ground and killed by this despicable business.
    Shame on their connections and on anybody who supports this horrific massive suffering of racehorses.

  2. Proud of yourself Stephanie for whipping a horse when it was injured (lame)? As if this horse wasn’t suffering enough and you see fit to inflict further pain and distress to this beautiful animal who was doing her best serving you, her connections and the industry.
    Shame on you and the racing industry for condoning and supporting such inexcusable abuse.
    Given this horse had to be vanned off the racetrack, my guess is that ARCTIC MIA was acutely lame and in my experience, it wouldn’t surprise me if AM had suffered a suspensory apparatus injury e.g. collapsed sa, torn tendon, torn ligament, sesamoid, etc.
    Oh, I just noticed that this took place at Penn. Yes, well, need I say anymore…..

    • And Mr. Bill in a previous post calls all who are against this horrible abuse “dispicable” !!!! Really, Mr. Bill ?!

      When he and others call those who abhor an industry that condones outright cruelty “Dispicable”, they need to look in the mirror and deal with their pathological denial.

      • i could not agree more, these are very sick, disturbed, inhumane, species. they are not human, true humans love, care and respect animals.

  3. They have no right to be in charge of such noble creatures. The industry is utterly corrupt and another example of the ‘Good ole Boys and Gals’ helping to drag down a once respectable nation.

  4. i think any sport which pain has to be inflicted on the animal in question is totally wrong, if they are not fast enough to win a race in a normal way i.e. running as fast as they are able then they should not be raced. Whipped or ill treated to gain more speed…the owners, jockeys and the people who place bets should be whipped into place is beyond me why so many people need to inflict pain on animals for their own gain…get a proper job and earn your money yourself

    • It is naive to assume that people would not place their survival above another animal Altho I agree with your comments and anger, I suspect a lot of people in the industry either see the abuse, don’t like it and try to mitigate what they can, or just don’t get it b/c they were part of the culture and indoctrinated at an early age. Some people just don’t get that animals feel pain, loneliness; that they are sentient beings just like us except more beautiful and better natured. Yes there are some evil, greedy people and you won’t change them but perhaps there are people on the inside who would volunteer( in court and in print )what they know. The more press and education the public receives the better.

  5. The animal rights activists who are exposing this stuff are doing a great job. They’ve got me in their loop. I never knew any of this stuff. Once the underbelly of horse racing is disclosed, it’s sickening. People will stop going to the races. Why bother, when it’s so ugly. Those who want to gamble and go to the casino or do it on-line.

  6. How can they allow this? How can anybody with a conscience put horses through this pain (and death) in the name of (ha!) sport?

  7. No animal deserves this. I understand you are running a business, but savage abuse of anything, person or animal is inexcusable!!!

    What charges can be brought against Stephanie Sheroski and owner Kevin McCarthy?

    They deserve to have a book thrown at them in the courthouse.

    Please charge these people with any and all charges that are applicable by law, and it is time everyone makes their state governments make extremely stiff penalties for all cruelty to animals.

  8. The Injustice of the Innocent & Voiceless! All animals deserve lives free from human-inflicted suffering. As the highest created being, humans have a moral obligation to be wise stewards of animals. Just because we happen to be the most powerful species on earth, we humans have the ability, but not the right, to abuse the so-called lower animals. The ends do NOT justify the means!

    We all know that there is something seriously wrong with a system where the best day of an animals’ life is the day that it is finally over.

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