2-Year-Old “Collapses” and Dies at Saratoga – 13th Victim There This Year

And they keep dying. Saratoga Race Course claimed its 13th victim of 2018 with the training kill of St. Barts Saturday. Officially, this one goes down as one of those proverbial “cardiac events”: “collapsed while galloping on training track.” St. Barts was two – on the maturation scale, the rough equivalent of a 1st grader. “Collapsed” and died. But worry not, for the Gaming Commission vows to “investigate.”

The Saratoga 13:

Presumptuous, July 7
Heartspoke, July 25
Macho Citizen, July 28
Frosty Gal, August 1
Master Manipulator, August 6
Biz Boss, August 17
Indifference, August 20
Bowie, August 26
Royal Blessing, September 4
Business Expense, September 13
Hard Study, September 16 (euthanized September 18)
Forbade, September 24
St. Barts, October 6


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  1. ST. BARTS now on my high suspicious list of deaths.
    Bought as a yearling at Keeneland for $575,000.
    My preliminary inquiry seems to confirm that an equine insurance policy was in place at the time of his death, but the NYRA has a policy to disclose this.
    Whether or not the attending vet does is anybody’s guess.
    It’s highly possible that St. Barts had some serious physical issues that he may have developed because he was broke, and trained at such a young age.
    It’s possible that the connections knew that he wasn’t going to make it, and certainly wouldn’t perform at the level expected of him.
    It’s very possible that his issues were so severe that they knew he couldn’t be entered into a race.
    Hence, dying during training hours under less scrutiny and to lessen the safety impact perhaps?
    As I’ve emphasized time and again it’s those SECRET doping/vet records that is, more or less, the cover-up of racehorses dying in the dirt or possibly being killed for insurance money.
    It’s important to note that Equibase has scrubbed the trainer from the records.
    As far as racehorses being sent to their death for insurance money?
    I wouldn’t put it past these vile people because I think it goes on all the time.

  2. The crass cynicism of the industry. No regard for the life of an animal, no mercy, including towards the very young.

  3. Welcome to “The Mansion” folks.
    Yes, the multi-million dollar renovation at the infamous Churchill Downs where the Kentucky Derby is held.

    I have stabled, and raced at Churchill Downs and the stable area where the horses are kept is despicable.
    They do little to nothing to improve the living conditions for racehorses that are intensely confined there 23 hours per day, with most stalls being a mere 10 feet by 10 feet, barely enough for them to turn around.
    Since 2000, they have been promising to upgrade the stalls, and stable area for horses and that has never been done because the horses are not the priority, it seems, but rather bringing in the money while they die.
    Oh, and there’s a large steel pipe running across the top of most stalls that horses usually bang their head on.
    There are no shower areas for the horses so you have to wash your horse out on the road (where cars drive by) on the pavement that is so slippery I witnessed horses slipping on the pavement (they have steel plates on) and banging their heads.
    Oh, but the “mansion” has mint julep donuts!
    I suppose a patron can bite down on the donuts while watching a racehorse snap its leg-off in the stretch or how about a horse getting beaten/whipped while its tired or sore?
    That would be a nice sight to see while they are sitting in their plush chairs right?
    If that isn’t good enough “entertainment” how about a racehorse dropping dead in the dirt – there are plenty, and there simply isn’t enough mint juleps and mint donuts to placate this stubborn fact.

    • Always appreciate your links you post Gina! Those donuts look sick! Wouldn`t eat one if we were starving.So sad that much $ is being wasted with NOTHING done to alleviate the horses living conditions on the back side. Even our crummy local 1 mile track has separate wash racks for bathing the horses off of the roadway! They are made of the old stall mucking pits that were mandated by the EPA to be discontinued 18 years ago or so due to water contamination of the local rivers.The contamination still occurs anyway because of our heavy winter rains.All stall cleanings now have to go to central covered barn area that is now hauled a hundred miles away for landfill disposal because our local mushroom growers would no longer accept the stall cleanings due to all the NEEDLES and garbage found in the stall mucking debris.At our local track many stall roofs leak rains in the stalls at our Stronach owned track!

  4. Horses are treated like kings. There are exceptions as there are in everything. You guys and gals are despicable human beings.

    • “Treated like kings?”
      Chemically-induced walking dope factories getting beaten/whipped, maimed, dumped, and/or dying in the dirt while the disposables, about 90%, end up on the slaughterhouse floor..
      That’s not the definition of “treated like kings” for most normal, sane, rational people.
      The human beings that perpetrate such abusive, and inhumane treatment on racehorses to exploit them for profit and/or egos are the despicable ones.
      To think otherwise is delusional.

    • You have no idea how many of us have been and worked on the backsides. Maybe they are treated better at the big tracks with the big shots, but the majority are not “treated like kings” in the low level claiming tracks!

  5. Can anyone tell me where I could get some bumper stickers for my car on HORSERACING WRONGS AND KILLS.? I feel so strongly about this deplorable sport killing these magnificent horses and making them suffer, heinous, vicious people full of greed and narcisiam. I’ve never put stickers on my car but this sport needs to be outlawed!

    • Denise, you can go to our sister site (End Horseracing) – click on the Menu and you’ll see a place to “shop”. I’m not certain if we have any bumper stickers available at this time but I will check for you. THANK YOU!


  6. Hearing this news truly is heartbreaking! Many animals, especially these horses aren’t a priority, people only care about one thing. MONEY. Horses have feelings too. Horses have needs too. Just as any human does. And for anyone who supports horseracing should be ashamed! Supporting something that is so harmful and deadly to these beautiful creatures makes me wish there was something I could do to stop this. I will never support this hurtful industry.

  7. You already are doing something, Brionna, and that is voicing your opinion, and offering your support. Keep spreading the word on how harmful this industry is. Thank you.

  8. I was in Idaho last week and saw ads promoting racing to provide money for schools, community needs etc.
    It made me cringe. Any ideas on acting against those ideas?
    “Family fun???”

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