Defend This, Racing Apologists – At Least Five Killed on U.S. Tracks Yesterday

There were at least five kills on U.S. tracks yesterday. (I say at least because multiple others were “vanned off” and many if not most of them will surface as dead when I begin filing my FOIA reports in January. In addition, there were surely some training deaths that would not be reflected here.)

First, at Laurel, two – In the 3rd, says Equibase, “STRAIGHT TEQUILA…sustained an injury and fell galloping out then was euthanized.” She was three.

Three races later, “RUBYS FIRE…collapsed about a sixteenth of a mile out and was euthanized on the track.” She, too, was three.

In the 5th at Penn, “PUT IT FORWARD…suffered an injury at the seven sixteenths pole and was quickly pulled up, was vanned off and euthanized.” Put It Forward was eight and this was his 56th time under the whip – just another beaten-into-the-ground claimer (worth a mere $4,000 the day he died).

In the 6th at Charles Town, “PENNSYLTUCKY LILLY broke down shortly after the start and was euthanized.” ‘Twas the filly’s first race.

In the 2nd at Saratoga Harness, according to the Gaming Commission, Panchester United “fractured [his] pastern” – euthanized. He was eight.

Defend that, racing fans.


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  1. This is why racing needs to end! But of course there is too much money involved so the abuse of these magnificent creatures will continue.

  2. This horrific ” entertainment” industry is glamourized in all media. There was even a horse rescue in the spring that held a Kentucky Derby party to raise money for abused horses! What???
    In addition to these beautiful animals being run into the ground and drugged up, there is the other side of this cruel “sport”, namely, the brood mare business that takes foals away within hours of their birth and transfers them to ” nurse mares”, whose foals are removed and left to die by starvation so that the possible future champion foal can be nursed while his mama is quickly bred again.. Once brood mares can no longer produce colts they are sold to kill buyers and shipped to Mexico or Canada for the cruelest of slaughter methods. Studs are also sold for slaughter.
    I wish there were more media outlets that would stop glamorizing cruelty and tell the truth about greed and the justification of this heartless business
    Thank you for this petition. We must keep up pressure.

  3. I feel like wring necks of cold blooded sadistic horse race defenders. How corrupt those people are! There is clear connection between Animal Cruelty and corruption. We need to publicize this form of shameful coldblooded torture of gentle sensitive God’s creatures widely to get help for horses.

  4. Horse racing promotes, supports, and defends the massive suffering of racehorses.
    It’s rotten to the core.
    Everybody who is involved with it are either abusers and/or enablers of the abuse.
    There isn’t one thing glamorous about horse racing – not one thing.
    It’s a cruelty, corruption, and death pit.
    The horses need out voices now more than ever until these hell holes are shut down.

  5. Oh my God , why isnt this industry being monitored, regulated & held to decent humane standards?!?!.. ..its way out of control ! Its criminal for anyone who condones this filthy horrific abuse ! Ive lost my faith [ due to the corruption ] in the justice system !! We , society as a whole, are the epitime of the ‘fall of Rome’ mentality [& practices] ..How anyone who is a part of this insideous activity lives with themselves could only be of a sociopathic existence ,on a serial killer level!!! May the hand of God & his angel army reach in & ‘reign’ down to save these horses from this murderous industry!!!!!

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