Loose Killed at Belmont – 20th Victim There This Year

Loose, four, is dead after breaking down (“bad steps,” says the chartwriter) in the 1st yesterday at Belmont. She was under the whip for the 15th time. To date, 20 racehorses have lost their lives at Belmont Park this year:

Steve’s Image, January 7, “horse died in stall from apparent colic”
Alex the Terror, January 9, “fx sesamoids while galloping, vanned off – euthanized”
Old Dubai, January 19, “fell breezing – euthanized on track due to compound fx”
Ciaran, March 6, “suffered a fx breezing – vanned off and euthanized”
Anchor, April 6, “horse was found dead in stall”
Belt High, May 3, “fx cannon/sesamoids – euthanized on the track”
Desert Affair, May 6, “fatal musculoskeletal injury – euthanized on the track”
Terry O Geri, May 18, “found dead in stall two days after having colic surgery”
Mark My Style, May 24, “suffered a soft tissue injury breezing – euthanized”
Overdraft, June 3, “euthanized for a fx pelvis”
Montauk, June 7, “suffered a fx shoulder while breezing and was euthanized”
Classy Cara, June 14, “ambulanced off the track; fx to leg – euthanized”
Freeze the Account, June 17, “fx cannon/sesamoids – euthanized on the track”
New Pass, June 23, “suffered fx cannon – euthanized on the track”
Luzinski, June 27, “was pulled up in the vicinity of the 1/4 pole – euthanized on track”
Charlonique, July 30, “fx cannon and sesamoid breezing – euthanized”
Gabriella, August 6, “sustained pelvic fx while training, vanned off – euthanized”
Northernstreetgal, September 7, “chronic septic tendon infection – euthanized”
Quaff, September 8, “removed from track via horse ambulance – euthanized”
Loose, September 21, “fx sesamoid – euthanized”


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  1. Too bad you cannot get this information on mainstream news….I think people would be alarmed. I never knew this years ago..now I am outraged. I would Never go to a horserace again!

    • I AGREE — you hit the nail right on the head — you rarely, if ever, hear about this on mainstream news — I wonder if “60 Minutes” would take on this challenge — I wonder if anyone has even attempted — must ask Patrick Battuello.

  2. In late 7o’s I worked as groom and exercise rider on the southern and northern California racing circuit. I saw Alvaro Pineda killed in starting gate at Santa Anita. I was at inaugural breeders cup there. I dreamed that An Act beat Tellys Pop by a nose with Laffite Pincay Up. I then saw it happen. I saw the Typecast / Convenience matchrace. But I was dangerously mistreated while green. I caught my boss shooting a Stakes horse and running it in a cheap claimer, breaking down and euthanized. My life was thtened to be silent. Convenience bit my dad when he came to visit. I was horribly hurt on the ground with head and body injuries because my boss said I was a coward. Bold ruler colts are nasty like their sire. My boss gave me 2 BUTE tabs! And sent me home with a limp and head injury. For l day. The BUTE made me sleep 3 days. I was fired for missing work. NOBODY CAME TO CHECK ON ME OR TAKE ME TO HOSPITAL. I was just 19. I saw a horrible pile up at Los Alamitos and horses were dead or euthanized for broken necks. Jockeys refuse to gallop green 2 yr olds cuz their bones break and jockeys are scared of getting hurt so that job was mine… Until the horse was broke ( and me too) then the dam jock stole my ride and paycheck. I can write a very ugly book and name names of triple crown winning trainers. I’ll wait till they’re dead. I quit the tracks after 2 yrs of a very bad reality check…..

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