Saratoga, Finger Lakes, Golden Gate Record Deaths

From the NYS Gaming Commission:

Royal Blessing “was found dead in his stall” at Saratoga September 4. The 9-year-old had been under the whip 53 times, most recently twice this past summer at that same track. So, still very much active – “found dead in stall.” But worry not, for the Commission assures an “investigation” is forthcoming. On the other end of the spectrum, yet-to-be-raced 2-year-old Cleo’s Reign was euthanized Thursday at Finger Lakes after efforts to repair fractured sesamoids proved unsuccessful.

From the California Horse Racing Board:

Daddy Duke “was taken off the track in the horse ambulance” after the 2nd at Golden Gate September 9 – “euthanized.” (The chart, by the way, had the 5-year-old as “went wrong.”) Daddy Duke, a career “claimer,” was “For Sale” at $4,000 the day he died.

This is horseracing.


  1. They all matter, but I want to shed a spotlight on ROYAL BLESSING (RB).
    Purchased by trainer Linda Rice and her equally vile owners.
    Linda Race has a long trail of dead racehorses under her “care.”
    RB exemplifies just how vile and corrupt this business, and the people in it are.
    In just his 3rd career start under Linda Rice on 7/14/2012 he DNF, which strongly indicates some serious issues, but he didn’t break any bones because he made his next start under new trainer Thomas Albertrani.
    We have no idea what caused him to DNF because, again, the secret doping records are not disclosed.
    Here’s the thing though: because RB DNF in his previous race he went off as a long shot in his next start.
    After all, who’s going to bet on a horse that couldn’t even finish the previous race?
    Miraculously, and/or due to some doping, and/or due to some doping in his previous race that ensured he either DNF or finished last he was potentially set-up as a long shot where he won his next start and paid huge: $74.50 to win and there was a huge bet placed on him so somebody cashed in really big.
    On he goes until a few races later when he’s claimed by Michael Maker for $25,000 where he performs off and on until his next claim to Brendan P. Walsh for $25,000 where again he brings in checks.
    Now, throughout this abusive process, this horse is probably being injected on a regular basis, possibly on a regular administration of shock wave therapy, and his doping/vet records are probably extensive while he goes from barn to barn, from racetrack to racetrack even to Canada where he finished last.
    Doping/vet records DON’T FOLLOW THEM to ensure that everybody is protected while he’s being turned into a pin cushion with every start yet a higher risk to his limbs and life.
    His vile trainer, Brendan P. Walsh, continues to run him way over his head and he often finishes with nothing left in him while he’s being beaten to perform.
    Now, the apologists often claim to treat them like “family,” so one would need to ask: would you sell your children to complete strangers time and time again – people that you know are abusing them?
    Absolutely ridiculous, delusional, and prey on the ignorant minds because really every single one of these trainers and owners are executioners or the enablers of the execution in his stall.
    The investigation, like all the others, are usually public fodder and they quickly become forgotten with no follow-up from neutral organizations when really Brendan P. Walsh should be jailed for Felony Animal Cruelty charges.
    This vile business is filled with 2 types of people: leeches and bloodsucking leeches – take your pick.

    • The insanity of these people knows no bounds! We have seen the use of shock wave therapy used illegally by a trainer EVERY DAY for two weeks up to and including the day the mare died in the 2nd race of the last day of our local tracks meet. We were at the time galloping horses for that same trainer for FREE.Of course when the mare broke both her forelegs the jockey was severely injured and almost killed as he was in mid pack trying to make his move to win. Here is the insanity part. This all happened in 2004. Years later, in 2010 the same rider went back to riding races for the same stupid , crummy trainer according to the Equibase records we recently looked up after he had rode in Louisiana for one season! We quit in June of 2005 after being instructed by a good Kentuckian who also quit in 2005. He left the business and went into building / facilities maintaining work in our neighboring state.After our jockey friends injury we did some serious reflection of our participation in racing in 2004. When the Kentuckian told us, after experiencing a very personal physical and verbal threat at the track in late 2004 we left for good.His words before he left were “None of your family should never return to the devil`s den of iniquity full of evil people none of whom you can trust and I have seen things” That was in July 2005 and despite a very hard earned license to gallop horses which we had tried to earn for 22 years we quit.We were born to ride at only 4″10″ and having good balance and being naturally 120#. Prior to that time we rode without a license MANY times at private tracks and county facilities. At the time of our SEVERE injury in May 2004 we fortunately had our own private insurance. We like you Gina have had some very nasty experiences in this industry.We feel all tracks should have mandatory decoupling of casino monies and no outside support what so ever from the state or taxed revenues.

      • Totally agree.
        Racetracks suck-up billions from taxpayer and casino revenues that would otherwise be directed into community essential services, which is how they sold the casino model to the skeptical taxpaying public.
        There’s only one reason why these politicians keep this cruelty, death, and corruption pit going: they are financially gaining, most likely, getting their palms greased while the taxpayers are getting ripped-off because little to no money has gone to where it’s supposed to.
        If outside funding was to cease most racetracks would close over night – fact.
        GREY2K actually sued and won in Florida to get this vote on the fall election ballot.
        There is every indication that decoupling will pass in Florida, but the racehorses lost out again because the Frank Stronach Group, and their bevy of attorneys/politicians ensured that Gulfstream Park was excluded from the decoupling act should it go through.
        Another astonishing supporter of the Stronach stance was, yours truly, the Humane Society.
        They supported the initiative to ensure that horse racing was excluded from the decoupling act even going so far to say that racehorses are treated “good” and we support the industry.
        Equally disturbing is that GREY2K itself supported this initiative.
        I would like to think that they did anything to ensure that at least the greyhounds were protected after years of fighting hard and didn’t want to blow their chance of getting this finally passed although they can clearly understand that horse racing is no different than dog racing – only the victim is different.
        It was so disappointing to see that such a good thing turned vile over the exclusion of racehorses.
        For detailed information re: the decoupling act I refer you to the GREY2K FB page or website.

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