A Kill at Woodbine; 19th Dead Racehorse at Belmont

Tesseron, eight, is dead after breaking down in the 9th at Woodbine (Canada) Sunday. The replay (Tesseron is the gray #6 horse)…

Also – The Gaming Commission reports that Northernstreetgal “developed chronic septic tendon sheath infection to R hock, [was] unresponsive to antibiotic treatment [and] subsequently euthanized” at Belmont Friday. Northernstreetgal was but three years old and had been put to the whip 19 times, including twice a mere six days apart back in May. For Belmont, this makes 19 dead racehorses on the year; for trainer Gary Contessa, that’s three dead children in a little over five weeks.


  1. They all matter, but I want to shed a spotlight on TESSERON.
    When I was heavily involved with this business complete with rose-colored glasses I admired the female trainer Josie Carroll.
    However, time, and direct witness statements from people who have worked in her barn all points to one fact: she’s a blood sucking leech like all of them.
    Gender is not a barrier when it comes to the ongoing abuse, cruelty, doping, whipping, dumping, and/or dying of racehorses for this vile business and the vile people in it.
    She’s also heavily involved with Sikura of Hill N Dale farms who is heavily organized, and connected.
    DONVER STABLE owners of Tesseron dumped him after they made over $200,000 off of him, and like most other horses his life in a lower level stable begun.
    Furthermore, Josie Carroll has a trail of maimed, dumped, and dead racehorses under her direct “care,” just like all the other blood sucking leeches that send horses out risking their limbs and life – she’s no different.
    The most egregious example of this enabler of the abuse and dying for owners Donver Stable is they won the prestigious (by industry standards) Queen’s Plate and within 3 years of winning that race, making over 1 million dollars, the horse was evidently found standing at a kill auction outside of Ottawa.
    Although I was not directly involved with the failed attempt to rescue it was posted on Canadian social media.
    According to reports the horse was in bad shape, and it took them 2 days to raise the funds (not one dime coming from Donver Stable, Josie Carroll, or anybody in the industry), and by the time they went back the truck was on its way to the slaughterhouse in Quebec.
    This is yet another example coming from a delusional trainer who considers her charges “family.”

  2. I think every time a horse is listed here, the trainer and if possible the owner should as well, they deserve more blame than the track the horse died on.

    • Absolutely.
      Trainers are the conduit of the abuse, and the owners pay for it.
      The racehorses are always the losers.

      • Gina, would like to contact you re a horse @ Woodbine. If okay with you, please give Patrick permission to give your email. If you decline I will understand.

  3. Here’s how they treat their “family members.”
    BACKSTREET BULLY (BB) was bred by Frank Stronach’s Adena Springs and ended up at slaughter.
    This article quotes Stronach employee Stacie as saying that they desperately tried to save the horse because she didn’t want the public to eat tainted horse meat – well gag me with a spoon.
    I don’t believe one word that this lady says.
    They only show sympathy when they are caught with their pants down, but where in the hell were they when BB was running for his life at Ft. Erie?
    ” Backstreet Bully was dead, shot in the head while imprisoned in a cramped abattoir stall.”
    Stronach, multimillionaire, one of the largest racetrack operators who spent 30 million on the Pegasus statute standing outside of Gulfstream Park and this is one horse of thousands that he’s bred and gone off the radar.
    They made sure that the Toronto Star mentioned his aftercare program which barely puts a dent in the unwanted OTTB’s most of which don’t last in their homes and are found neglected, or dumped at kill auctions.
    I really hope that Hurricane Florence makes a u-turn and blows away Gulfstream Park so that no other horses have to suffer and die there for this leech.
    Problem is they probably don’t even have an evacuation plan in place for the horses so there are probably many horses sitting in their stalls right now.

    • Follow-up to Backstreet Bully story.
      The irony of the names – BB is not the bully here.
      Rather, Frank Stronach and his never ending quest to fill his ego and commercial breeding operation not unlike many others in this vile business.
      After this situation was exposed the Canadian Department of Agricultural released this statement:
      “we will develop measures to enhance equine traceability.”
      Well as of today NOTHING has changed, nothing has been done since 2013.
      This is a multi-billion dollar industry with multi-billion dollar profits who, year after year, intentionally avoids using technology such as microchips in racehorses.
      When I introduced this at a meeting in California 2005/2006 the resistance was strong.
      The HBPA cited “financial hardship” for people to utilize this technology while they are out spending millions buying racehorses.
      The truth is they don’t want accountability even while getting their billion-dollar handouts from taxpayers, casinos, and/or corporate welfare financial resources.
      Just last week they celebrated the shovel in the ground at Detroit’s former Hazel Park to make way for a residential development.
      It was bittersweet as I watched the news clip knowing that thousands of racehorses were so abused, suffering and/or dying on a grand scale there to fill races for the profits and/or egos over the years.
      I hope I’m alive when they develop many more tracks because that’s exactly what’s going to happen.
      It’s just a matter of time.

  4. Always appreciate your links Gina.This article makes us glad were vegan! Absolutely appalling the lies and falsification of forms!

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