18th Kill at Belmont; “Collapsed and Died” at Tioga

The NYS Gaming Commission has disclosed the following kills from yesterday:

At Belmont, Quaff “[was] removed from track via horse ambulance during training hours; euthanasia recommended following imaging and poor px.” Quaff was three and was last under the whip in a $100,000 “stakes” race at Saratoga August 23.

At Tioga, Cool Breeze De Vie “collapsed and died…immediately following the 5th race.” Cool Breeze De Vie was five and had been whipped in a circle for a share of $7,400.

This is horseracing.


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  1. QUAFF has been put on my suspicious list.
    Purchased for $270,000, an equine insurance policy most likely in place.
    Performed enough to keep it going, but last performance was dull perhaps due to ongoing issues that only the connections would know about.
    Policy would perhaps be downgraded in next start.
    Died during training hours while less training scrutiny compared to race day.
    Sent out to die it seems.
    No matter what Quaff is dead for $2 bets and for vile people who support this grotesque industry.
    Quaff so sorry for you.

  2. These owners can’t find anything better to do in this world(and God knows there are plenty of causes to affiliate with) than to cause pain upon poor animals.You should be ashamed! I hope Karma visits you ten-fold! This crap needs exposed by the media!

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