As Winning Horse Heads to Death, “Connections” Pose for Celebratory Picture

According to multiple sources, Gata’s Applause is dead after breaking down while, or immediately after, winning a race at Monmouth on August 18. Evidently, xrays revealed a shattered knee and she was euthanized. And yet – as the 3-year-old was being “vanned off,” en route to death, her people, apparently with nary a scintilla of shame, merrily posed in the “Winner’s Circle.” Racing’s depravity knows no bounds.


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  1. What next? Look at these losers in the winners circle! Look at the clothes they are wearing! In my day they wouldn’t be allowed in the paddock dressed like that. This shows what garbage people have been welcomed into the sport. There is absolutely no morality.

    • Sorry Jeanne, but clothes has nothing to do with it because I’ve seen many, too many, people dressed in fancy hats, dresses, suits and they are the same low life bloodsucking leeches as these people are.
      Morality is not based on clothes.
      Rather, it’s based on actions or inaction’s as I’m sure you would agree.
      That said, anybody in this business at every level are all executioners and/or enablers of the killing despite the size of their pocket books, their clothes or whatever cars they drive.
      They are all vile.

    • There all the same, whether there dressed fancy or casual. What difference does it make how there dressed. The point is they are overbred and disposed of because they aren’t making money for their owners.

  2. Clearly this poor horse took some very bad steps as her knee shattered. And yet – her jockey drove her on. It appears he hit her at least once after her bad steps! As she crossed the wire- she was hopping along as she slowed down, because she was so crippled at that point. I am appalled that this jockey never once looked out for this horse, and displayed some horrible “horsemanship” – if it could even be called that!
    And I have read the connections are “devastated”, though they sure look all smiles to me in the winners circle as their beautiful horse was hobbling on to the horse ambulance with her shattered knee- most likely In the background behind them!!

    • Sorry Peggy, but I don’t agree with your “bad step” theory because it’s non-existent according to many reputable studies conducted by well-respected equine vets.
      Catastrophic breakdowns are, almost always, based on continuous doping to mask chronic issues.
      There is no doubt in my mind that they were injecting Gata’s Applause knee(s) on a regular basis, but the secret doping/vet records will ensure that these horse killers are protected.
      This is not an acute situation.
      It’s more likely a horse that was crippled/lame a long time ago, and was deliberately kept going (via doping) by these blood sucking leeches.
      These people are, most likely, “devastated” for one reason only – their profit slave is dead.
      So the possibility of them picking up another check from Gata’s Applause is non-existent and that’s the only reason why these vile people display any kind of emotion.
      Furthermore, they claimed Gata’s Applause on July 8, 2018 and she changed hands several times so nobody knows how many times this horse was injected because the doping records don’t follow them.
      So this makes the entire industry an enabler of this public execution.

      • Gina – what I meant by the bad steps is clearly this poor horse had broken down when she took those bad steps and almost went down. And yet her jockey forced her to run on and finish the race on the broken knee. Not that it’s a “theory”.

      • Peggy, putting the “theory” aside I just wanted to point out that “bad steps” are really, most always, long term pain, suffering, and chronic conditions that are masked with dope.
        So it’s not so much a acute episode as the bad step words tend to perpetuate.
        Rather, it’s almost always a chronic condition.
        This also reflects the uncaring owners who, most likely, sanctioned the dope (since they pay for it), and are well aware that they are risking their racehorses life.
        Obviously, they don’t care when the horse drops dead as evidenced in the winners circle.
        Any suggestion otherwise would be delusional.

  3. She definitely broke down before the wire.

    “Family members”? “They’re like our children”? Yet there they are – not alongside her while she’s taking her last breaths.

  4. despicable human beings……..Maybe, someday these horses will haunt each and every person in their dreams. Until then we must do everything we can to stop the abuse/murder of these precious animals. A good start….don’t go to the races and don’t gamble any amount of money. Maybe, just maybe, if it hurts them in the pocketbook they will make the changes needed (or do away with any and all horse racing).

  5. Their smiling because they picked up a check while their horse is dying.
    As I’ve posted on many occasions there is no bottom of the barrel when it comes to this vile business and the vile people who derive a living off their voiceless victims.
    Just when I think I’ve witnessed the bottom – I realize that it’s actually the top and there is no bottom.
    May every single one of these blood sucking leeches rot in hell, if there is one, and I don’t care what any one of you think of me.
    This is so repulsive, and it’s happening every single day on tracks all over.
    Sometimes I actually get physically sick from this horrific racehorse cruelty, abuse, and dying.
    May the spirit of the racehorses haunt this vile business and the vile people in it to their graves because they have no morality no conscious.
    In the meantime, I will continue to be a voice for racehorses who are suffering on a massive scale.

  6. Sick,apathetic people. I’m ashamed of the human race. Despicable actions by despicable people. Your name is placed among the abusers of animals….on my list and GOD’S LIST….WHICH IS MUCH MORE IMPORTANT THAN MINE!

  7. Amazingly sad…while the smilingly connections pose for a “Winners Circle”…the last frame shows the horse ambulance sadly putting down the “Winner” in the background…

    • Yes, indeed, Gray Horse. This incident, showing the smiling faces of the doomed horse’s connections is a sterling demonstration of the soul of racing – the horse is a disposable commodity used to generate money and feed egos. And the amazing aspect is these people see nothing wrong with it. Unbelievable !!

  8. Anne, FYI, I do not condone or ignore the suffering of ALL animals even though I happen to be vegan. I don’t see how being vegan could absolve anyone from being very concerned and doing what can to alleviate the suffering of ALL animals, as you seem to imply. Even most carnivours are against how animals used for food are raised and treated – hence the efforts to enact laws to alleviate some of their suffering.

    That being said, this site is devoted to the plight of horses in the business of racing.

    PS Thank you for your concern for ALL animals.

      • On a more positive note today I went through the drive-thru at A & W to order the Beyond Meat vegan burger which has recently been put on the menu.
        I was looking so forward to eating it as I’ve done so many times before.
        Anyways, there was a big sign taped below the speaker that said “BEYOND MEAT BURGERS SOLD OUT.”
        So I drove up to the window and the manager informed me that they are completely sold out nation wide here in Canada, and were sold out the first week!
        She said they were in shock at the demand so they initially didn’t place much of an order.
        They have now ordered 50,000 burgers from Beyond Meat to restock their A & W stores, but she was nice enough to give me some 50% off coupons for when they come in.
        My point is that years ago people would think you were an alien if you told them you were a vegetarian let alone a vegan and they would also say that the day that fast food joints would have a vegan burger would never happen – well it did, and the shut down of horse racing will happen as well.
        It’s just a matter of time.

    • I apologize for using the word Carnivor because not only was it incorrect it may have offended some people. Omnivore would be more correct or better yet, those who eat meat. What one eats is a personal choice.

  9. Horseracing is a vile, cruel industry with no regard for these magnificent animals….who are whipped to run on injuries that they have had for extremely long times and their pain MASKED BY DRUGS, these people are VILE.

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