“Shattered Pastern” at Tioga; “Compound Fracture” at Delaware

This, from the NYS Gaming Commission for Mischief Maker at Tioga Downs Tuesday: “after a training session knuckled over while walking back to barn shattering his RH pastern; he was immediately humanely euthanized.” Mischief Maker was three and had been scratched from a race there just three days prior – reason unknown.

The Delaware Racing Commission has confirmed that Coverallyourbases “suffered a compound fracture” in the 8th Monday “and was humanely euthanized.” He was six.

This is horseracing.


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  1. How sad. I never realized until the past couple of years the cruelty of race horses as well as our domestic and wild horses too. These racehorses are young. I always loved horseracing and have never missed the Triple Crown until this year as I learned more about injuries, euthanizations and many carted off to be shipped for slaughter. Not worth it. Horses are living entities and deserve to live the best life possible.

  2. All the years I had my horses and worked with many other,NEVER did I EVER see devastating injuries like this. Ignorance,overbreedibg of an artificially manufactured spindly,long legged horse that isn’t capable of supporting it’s own weight,let alone an oversized idiot wearing loud colors whipping them spells disaster. I will end each post with…may everyone rot in HELL.

  3. I see that SHAMROCK ROAD is scheduled to race at Thistledown on September 5 and he’s up for claiming for $5,000. According to equibase, his earnings to date are $34,976 for 42 starts – his first race start was on January 16, 2015.

    It has been almost a year since he last competed in a race – he recently had two workouts. Veterinary equine scientists such as Dr Christopher Riggs (Hong Kong) and Dr Chris Whitton (Australia) have found that when a horse has not raced for a lengthy period, it potentially predisposes the horse to a possible injury. I pray that Shamrock Road survives this race – his current owner is Dream Ridge Racing, being his third owner and his current trainer is Donald L Radcliff, Jr., being his fifth trainer.

    For those who don’t know this now 6 year old gelding’s history, here is some of it –




    • Disgusting, shameful, and blatant inhumane treatment of a racehorse.
      Furthermore, SHAMROCK ROAD checks off all the boxes for a high risk breakdown from the ongoing abuse of a racehorse who so obviously has chronic issues, to the secret doping/vet records, to the long lay-off.
      Do these people have any conscious, any shame, anything at all in that heartless idiotic brain of theirs?
      As we’ve seen over and over again the resounding answer is NO.
      In the 40+ years in this industry and I’ve yet to see a racehorse be banned off the track to save its life.
      They are merely there to fill races and generate gambling profits even if that means dropping dead for $2 bets.
      It’s getting much worse, and there is every indication that it will continue to worsen if you can imagine that?
      It’s no secret that there is currently a shortage of racehorses due to many factors including less breeding, less NEW owners investing or replacing those on their way out, exorbitant cost of keeping racehorses even for the rich, and what appears to be the residual effects of persistent doping that permits sires/broodmares to go to the breeding shed possibly affecting the breed.
      Their racing “career” span is, on average, 3 years and they quickly become part of the unwanted racehorse mess that this industry does little to nothing to reduce.
      This entire industry is built on lack of transparency.
      Although I don’t have any sympathy for the wagering public, I do feel that they are in the complete dark over what’s given to these racehorses, which so obviously affect the outcome of races.
      It’s my view that the drug testing process is completely corrupt and that there is a total breakdown of the system.
      The saddest part of this entire process is the voiceless, defenseless racehorses who are born to die for this vile industry or, if they make it out alive, the possibility of ending up in a neglectful situation is inevitable.
      This is the truth folks behind the fancy hats, and “entertainment/sports” banner.
      Please don’t be fooled, educate yourself, and stop supporting/defending this cruelty circus and death ring.

    • SHAMROCK ROAD came home 7th/7 stone motherless last at Thistledown on September 5, 2018.
      Chart reveals that he reared at the start and trailed the field.
      He came home 17 lengths behind the winner. Imagine 17 horses lined up one behind the other in single line from the wire and that’s where he was, horse no. 17 in that line up.
      Given Shamrock was raced into the ground when a baby when his bones were not fully developed, it’s not surprising that he’s had a questionable history since that time and he obviously struggled to cope with racing yesterday.

      What next for Shamrock Road….?

      • I don’t want to think about the massive amount of doping given to this horse to keep it going.
        These people keep those records secret because they know damn well that it would clearly show just how sore this horse really is.
        SHAMROCK is suffering every single day trapped in a 10 x 12 space barely big enough for him to move around.
        He’s a profit slave for these assholes and I only hope that one day he can break the chains and free himself from his daily hell hole.
        Shame on every single one of you apologists.

  4. Drugging,under age aggravated training, fragile horses…..apathetic owners…..why are you ALLOWING this cruelty to continue. This is not entertainment….this is torture, FOLLOW THE MONEY…,IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT THE MONEY.

  5. Here at Saratoga, the local tv stations have daily coverage on their news broadcasts, they only talk about the hats and what they see as positive aspects of the fall meet. If they just once covered the real truth of horse racing and what happens to the horses on a daily basis not just the propaganda then I would truly respect them. Right now I see them, channels 6 and 10 as part of the problem.

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