Two Dead Racehorses at Finger Lakes Yesterday

Yesterday at Finger Lakes, according to the NYS Gaming Commission: Swift One “broke down” while training and was euthanized. He was six. Thunderbird Wings was euthanized for “colic without resolution.” He, too, was six. Both horses were bottom-of-the-barrel “claimers” being run into the ground (each was coming off four races in a little over a month) at cheap Finger Lakes. This is horseracing.


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  1. Life is cheap. Nothing has any value. The so called “breeders” are murderers,nothing less. The trainers,jockeys,promoters,everyone who supports and takes part in this mass murder are guilty. May they all rot in Hell

  2. Nothing is going to change until insurance companies get out of the mix. As long as drugs, and hired hands are medicating, and killing horses, nothing will change. As long as the owners get insurance pay outs when a horse dies, the killing will continue. Horses are the victims, and horse racing is corrupt.

    • BJ, very few horses, if any, are insured at the low level tracks and Finger Lakes is the definition of low level. When a horse is running in low level claiming races, that horse has very little value to the owner/trainer. It would be way too costly to insure such a horse and the insurance companies would be reluctant to take such a risk in regards to a breakdown and subsequent death which would equate to a payout.

    • BJ the top 10% of racehorses are usually insured.
      The 6 figure horses sold at auctions like Keeneland, Fasig-Tipton, and OBS are almost always insured immediately after the sale.
      I’ve been keeping informal records of what I deem to be “suspicious” deaths for, what appears to be,deliberate deaths for insurance payouts.
      Sounds outrageous, but nothing in this business would surprise me at this point.
      The pattern happens with the same trainers at the top level of the game.
      Top trainers are hardly ever represented in the claiming ranks so one would have to ask where in the hell do those racehorses go when they are no longer deemed to be competitive at upper levels, but were purchased for 6-figures with an insurance policy, most likely, in place?
      This billion dollar industry continues to deny even the most basic technology on most stable areas/tracks including closed circuit cameras and/or microchips to track and protect the racehorses.
      Even when there are cameras showing the deaths on tracks they deliberately omit the breakdown in most cases.
      Dying is inherent in this business in more ways than one it seems.

  3. I contacted Twin Spires and had them delete my account entirely. I told them I was mentally ill and shouldn’t be gambling. Your website and it’s update on ”kills” has allowed me to be confident I will no longer have any involvement in this horrible ”pseudo-sport”. It feels good to be done with it.

    • Good for you Richard.
      I only wish that more horse racing gamblers would do the same as you.
      Go ahead and gamble, but leave the horses out of it.

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