Kills at Fair Grounds, Delaware

Jls Shes Sassy’s chart note (Equibase) in the 2nd at Fair Grounds Friday – in its entirety: “stumbled start, lost rider, euthanized”; in the 7th at Delaware yesterday, Off Road “went wrong in the final furlong and was euthanized.”

Two more intelligent, feeling beings sacrificed for gambling, for entertainment, and reported with a cold indifference that should shock and appall a supposedly advanced 21st Century society. Are we not better than this, America? End horseracing. Now.


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  1. Another 2 victims of this vile business.
    No Carolyn they don’t give a damn, and it’s up to us, the people who truly care, who truly give a damn, to be a strong, loud voice for them.
    Racehorses on tracks all over the world are crying out for our help.
    They are crying out through their pain of being whipped/beaten, through the end of needles being plunged in and out of their bodies/joints/muscles, they are crying out for help while they lay suffering in the dirt waiting for the needle to end their horrific ordeal.
    Unfortunately, the very people they cry out to are the very people directly responsible for their suffering and dying on a massive scale.
    I pledge to be a voice for these racehorses until every last hell hole is shut down.

  2. Gina, Your words are true, powerful and heartbreaking. I can’t add anything. Only that every chance I get I tell people why I would never watch a race.

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