Horse Killed 24 Hours After The Travers

4-year-old Bowie was killed in the 9th today at Saratoga. The note from the Equibase writer perfectly encapsulates the self-delusion afflicting many within the Racing ranks: “BOWIE…tragically broke down at the five-sixteenths falling heavily inside that station tossing the rider over her head, a rider who quickly responded back to his feet to grab his charge and hold her still in a great effort but unfortunately BOWIE’S injuries were too grave.” Yes, the whip-wielder turned heroic – vile, indeed.

Bowie is the eighth dead racehorse at Saratoga this summer:

Macho Citizen
Frosty Gal
Master Manipulator
Biz Boss


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  1. Keep up the good work–both with protesting and Horseracing Wrong emails. Endless pressure, endlessly applied. The media should be reporting the deaths ever day–from every race track and/or training/exercises. Also, your photos are excellent to bring home the point. Maybe a billboard?
    Thanks for all you are doing!

  2. It’s amazing how tge newspapers and tv station just keep gushing over Saratoga. I gag. Turn the station. No response from a single one of them when I reqest they do an expose’. It’s their meal ticket. Life is cheap.

  3. BOWIE yet another victim of executioner W. Bret Calhoun.
    This dude has been abusing and killing racehorses since 1994, and he’s STILL at it.
    There are also some suspicious deaths that seem to indicate equine insurance payouts.
    This dude has been abusing and killing racehorses for years and this vile industry continues to license him thereby permitting him to carry on doing the same thing to racehorses.
    LOOKIN AT DAISY. 3/4/2015, In her last race she was “coaxed” along (beaten/whipped to perform while most likely slowing down to protect her injuries), broke down nearing the furlong marker and vanned-off,
    FINLEY’SLUCKYCHARM. 8/25/2018. Abused. “Coaxed along under some pressure,” actually means beaten/whipped for better performance. FLC weakened to second last place to live another day to be abused by this pathetic human being.
    IRISH HUSTLE. “Trailed throughout.” IH finished last by 20+ lengths hardly a horse “happy” and most likely sore, sour, and crying out to end his misery.
    It would take a separate blog to list all the racehorses abused and killed under this executioner.
    These “top” trainers (according to industry standards) are blatant racehorse abusers and killers who are revered by this business, who are permitted to continue doing this, and who are handed a license to abuse and/or kill.
    ABEL TASMAN. 8/25/2018. Trainer Bob Baffert. Horse beating jockey Mike Smith. Has anybody actually taken the time to watch some of the replays of horse beater Mike Smith?? This dude is a Class A horse beater.
    It was clearly evident in the stretch at Saratoga over the weekend. I watched the replay and it was excruciating for me to watch so I couldn’t imagine what this poor filly was going through. The heartless chartwriter states that Abel Tasman was “nudged” along.
    Nudged along? Are you fu++ing kidding me??
    This poor filly had the crap beaten out of her by horse beater Mike Smith who repeatedly, excessively, and consecutively beat her with the left hand whip so hard that she bolted over to get away from her beating whilst banging into horse ELATE.
    The jockey of horse Elate filed a claim of foul (which he should have) and of course, being Bob Baffert Mr. racehorse abuser and killer himself, the industry who defends him to no end AKA Teflon Bob got the win.
    The claim was disallowed although it was blatantly obvious that Abel Tasman should have been taken down.
    This example exemplifies the horrendous operating procedures of this business including corruption.
    Now. Mike Smith is a hardcore “Christian” man who repeatedly looks up to the sky and kisses the “man upstairs” after he wins a race.
    Can somebody please justify to me how somebody can claim to be Christian and continue to beat the crap out of God’s creatures?
    Class A racehorse abusers, killers, and/or hypocrites.

  4. Gina, I agree. What other athletes are allowed to be whipped?…and during a meet in public?…with no response from attendees for it to stop? Of course I know most primarily just want their horse to win. How can we get the whipping stopped?? I know there are ‘parameters’, but they are BS, not adhered to, and NOT ENOUGH. Any ideas besides communicating with reps, & protesting?

    • There’s only one way to do it: try it in a court of law.
      I’m not a legal eagle, but attorneys who have looked into this said that the industry will claim “common business practices” as a defense.
      Even so, abuse should never justify “common business practices.”
      Years ago, when I grew up in the Catholic educational system it was “common business practices” to beat students over the hands with a ruler or even whip them with a strap.
      That soon ended after several lawsuits that the Catholic school boards lost so I don’t believe that the industry would win in a court of law – no way.
      Get a jury, show them racehorse after racehorse being beaten, and I bet that they will agree that it’s blatant animal cruelty and punishable under the law.
      I do know that the Animal League Defense Fund (ALDF) would be the very organization to go forward with a lawsuit, but they need the funds.
      Once they obtain a certain amount of funds they then move forward with a lawsuit and it will be a long overdue lawsuit for the racehorses.
      They have a branch here in Canada as well, and there is an excellent lawyer Camille Labchuk, BA, JD who has won lawsuit after lawsuit here while protecting animals from abusive practices.
      Once animals are recognized in a court of law as independent beings not chattels, not property then you can pretty much say goodbye to the antiquated business models built on the exploitation of animals and horse racing definitely fits that category.

    • Here is the official line from the Gaming Commission, Tiffany: “sustained closed fractures galloping after breezing, ambulanced to Rood and Riddle, subsequently euthanized after examination.”

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