Video of a Kill – Send to all Apologists

Video replay of Rise Above It breaking down at Thistledown Saturday. Imagine her pain, her terror, her death. This is horseracing.


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  1. Rise Above It was pushed hard to the lead and her rider and that of the grey horse set a very fast pace leaving the field behind. This puts a lot of stress on the horses and these two riders appeared to be intent on outdoing one another, not giving a damn about their mounts. Cruel riding resulting in both these horses dropping back from sheer exhaustion. We then see Rise Above It’s jockey continuing to viciously beat her with the whip and the jockey would’ve been fully aware that his horse had nothing else to give, especially after the way he had pushed his horse to the absolute limit from the beginning.

    Rise Above It was whipped to the last second before she suffered a heartbreaking catastrophic injury resulting in her death. Makes me sick to the stomach. And the jockey on the horse coming last in orange colors with horse in blinkers (which significantly restricts their vision and have been listed as a risk factor for racehorse deaths and injuries by the veterinary scientists) is beating up his horse something shocking when the horse is exhausted and doesn’t have a hope in hell of improving her position. You little mongrel bastard!

    • That asshole jockey was Ricardo Feliciano. A good horseman knows when a horse is not right. Feliciano is evidently not a good horseman. That bastard should have done right by the horse. He chose the greedy end. That idiot should be banned from racing.

      • Jack I agree with you, but as a former owner/trainer it’s also the connections of the horse that have a lot to do with how their horse is treated.
        I’ve directly witnessed both trainers and owners instruct the jockey to beat the crap out of their horse, to do whatever is necessary to get that win or to pick up a check.
        Furthermore, filing complaints (like I did) does nothing because they quote “common industry practices” to justify the widespread cruelty, abuse, and inhumane treatment of racehorses.
        Simply put: the jockeys are the abusers, but the connections, the commissions, the wagering companies are all the enablers of the abuse, and that’s why it needs to shut down.

  2. Ingenious Rise Above It. Started dropping back you could see his movement was different If that idiot jockey had pulled him up then the horse might have been saved, but no he just whipped himHe had no care for the horse. RIP Rise Above It. You did not deserve this

  3. The scum that makes up the humans involved in this cruelty. You can see this horse, Rise Above It, struggling from the start, being beaten by that stupid jockey. He beat the life out of the horse, literally. Isn’t it clever how the camera doesn’t show the horse stopping, trying to breathe, trying to live. The announcer just keeps going, like Rise Above It disappeared into thin air. No class in this group of sub-humans: ignorant jockies, stupid trainers, greedy owners. The only decent living beings are the horses.
    How will this be stopped?

  4. RISE ABOVE IT so sorry for you.
    Anybody who continues to participate/support this horror show has to be demented, delusional, and masochistic.
    To actually sit there and witness the ongoing cruelty, abuse, doping, whipping/beating, and dying of racehorses PLUS continue to support this qualifies you as an executioner.
    You are not only apologists, but you are all MURDERERS!
    You should all hang your head in shame.

  5. Thank You Patrick for posting this Video.
    I am amazed it has not been taken down yet.

    It was horrific to watch the way that jockey kept beating that horse over and over until the horse broke. I hold that jockey responsible for that horse’s death. I hold responsible – the jockey-the trainer-the owner and all those who make money off these horses and who stand by and do nothing as this abuse goes on and on and on. It is a heavy karma for those who endorse and take part in such a cruel evil race.

    I do not know anyone in their right mind that could look at this video and ever endorse horse racing again.
    No one in their right mind would endorse such evil.

    Horse racing is sheer insanity and animal abuse and hardness of heart and greed….
    Greed is destroying the hearts and minds and souls of those who promote and endorse and participate in the “Horror show” of horse racing as GIna Powell stated in her post.

    I pray that ALL those involved in this absolute cruelty and evil will be judged accordingly and will have their karma descend on the racing industry and that there will be a STOP to Horse racing Immediately for all time as quickly as the Great Law will allow.

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