Rise Above It Killed at Thistledown

In the 7th at Thistledown yesterday afternoon (Equibase): “RISE ABOVE IT reared at the start, sprinted to the lead…set a pressured pace…remained a sharp threat into the stretch then suffered an injury nearing the eight pole and euthanized.” Rise Above It was five years old and this was her 21st time under the whip.


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  1. “Reared at the start.” Sounds ominous. Perhaps knew she couldn’t handle it? No one listened to her. :( :( :(

  2. Probably mistreated and pumped full of stimulant drugs ( a lot of which are made in China). What a shame: too many racing horses bred; a surplus of foals and young horses; too many abused and mishandled; only a very few get to a sanctuary farm to spend their post racetrack years. This is not the “sport of Kings,” it is the sport of the cruel and ignorant.

  3. The horror show continues, and it will continue until this business is shut down.
    Thanks for posting the video Brad as it clearly shows RISE ABOVE IT’s front left leg snapping-off.
    From what I saw, it appears to be a catastrophic injury – a career-ending injury for sure.
    Prior to that, it shows a horse in distress slowing down to protect herself, but that wasn’t enough.
    Aren’t the names of the racehorses so ironic?
    Rise Above It simply couldn’t rise above the horrific operating procedures of this business.
    Her connections ensured, most likely, the administration of doping cocktails and/or shock wave therapy to mask issues and/or to increase her competitive edge.
    Of course we will never know because this is all kept secret to protect the abusers.
    Rise Above It generated hundreds if not thousands in wagering profits before she left the gate.
    The wagering firms/racetracks made their money so it doesn’t matter if she lives or dies.

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