Biz Boss Killed at Saratoga – That’s Six Dead on the Summer

Biz Boss, two, is dead after breaking down while training at Saratoga yesterday morning. She is the sixth horse to die on those hallowed grounds this summer. She is also the second kill for trainer Gary Contessa since he declared (in response to our Saratoga protest) that his horses are like “his children.”

Also at Saratoga: In the 6th race, “SILENCIA…knocked heads with rival…stopped while being eased through to the finish, then was attended to by veterinarian appearing in heat distress for several minutes…” Yesterday’s conditions in the Saratoga region, incidentally, were oppressive. In the 10th race, “HUSTLE N HEART dragged into the starting gate, was hung out four wide on the turn, tired after going a half” (Equibase).

“dragged into the starting gate”

Finally, Ruidoso had six – yes, six – horses “vanned off” the track yesterday, two for “bleeding.” All the races there were “Futurity Trials” for two-year-olds. Imagine that.


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  1. Saratoga Racetrack is a disgrace. So much horse and animal abuse; it has to stop! Where is PETA; the SPCA; veterinarians who care????
    Can anyone forward these kills and mistreatments to proper agencies? Public pressure is what is needed. I am so disappointed in our local paper, and three main tv news channels (6; 10; 13). There is no coverage of horse deaths—- all about censorship and money.

  2. I am replying to every death. This is horrendous. I guess it’s all acceptable. They’re only animals. It’s obvious the murders will continue for entertainment..

  3. BIZ BOSS falls into my category of high suspicious deaths.
    This horror show will continue as long as people and politicians support it.
    These tracks are not self-sustainable, and if it weren’t for the casino profits most would shut down.
    So sorry for all who died for this antiquated gore show.

  4. I feel bad that I stayed with horseracing so long, thirty five years. I was mentally ill. I thought I was going to get rich. It’s a sick sport. blood sport. RAcetracks are butcher shops.

  5. The only thing i have noticed about gary contessa is he is a boldface liar, your mountain training technique is done daily at the track through lasix and dehydration gives the same effect but does it in a harmful way. The mountain technique is very beneficial to training as the goal is to have your rbcs ( red blood cells) to carry more oxygen then they normally would which in turn lowers heart rate and allows the athlete to proform at a longer higher level before fatigue would set in, all this is done without artificially lowering blood volume having the blood get thicker and flow less freely. The hard part to this is time, it takes upwards of six weeks to acclimate to altitude then one would have to train 4 weeks minimum for any lasting benifit.these trainers they know what they are doing why they are doing it and the consequence of doing it, they only care about the horse running well and will do what they need to to have that happen. These trainers train the cardio system ie have the horse gallop and breeze but they arent doing any exercise to train the body to except the rigors of what racing is doing to them trainers are relying on a horses natural ability to run theyre not doing anything to help improve speed comes from 2 things a longer stride or a faster step those are the only 2 ways. I cant tell you how many times ive been at the track and heard these stupid ass people say the horse is kicking the stall walls down they must be ready to run,while also saying how good of condition the horse is in because they ate up all their food, they talk a good game but this isnt what they claim it to be they know whether they admit it or not. Nothing in this industry is for the horse

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