A Broken-Pelvis Kill at Belmont; A Shattered-Ankle Kill at Santa Rosa

The NYS Gaming Commission has disclosed the following kill at Belmont on August 6: “Gabriella sustained pelvic fracture while training, vanned off, euthanized.” Gabriella was three years old and her most recent race was at Saratoga on July 23.

The California Horse Racing Board has disclosed the following kill in the 9th at Santa Rosa on August 5: “Rewired suffered a left foreleg injury and was given a ride home in the horse ambulance” – sesamoid fractures, euthanized. Rewired, too, was three; ’twas his ninth time under the whip.

Killing from coast to coast – this is horseracing.


  1. As of today I’ve not heard whether the Daily Gazette will publish my editorial. No one will respind from the news channels. Hiposcracy with a lical newscaster who suppossedly loves animals so much but promotes the racetrack. Once again all about the money.

  2. GABRIELA – yet another victim of multiple drug violating trainer Todd Pletcher.
    Todd Pletcher has left a trail of dead horses during his training career from Gulfstream Park, to Belmont, to California, to Saratoga and beyond.
    08/02/2018: CRITIQUE – yet another victim of Todd Pletcher!
    Critique “walked-off,” but status unknown, and has no official workouts since then.
    Purchased for $155,000 by Xanier International Bloodstock and running under owner Paul Pompa Jr is all conducted under mysterious circumstances and this is not the first time Paul Pompa Jr has had racehorses breakdown and/or die after being purchased for 6-figures – equine insurance policy most likely in place.
    These are just some of the racehorses dying under his “care” that we know about, but him and his father “JJ” own a PRIVATE training center in Florida where lots of young horses are sent every year to break and train.
    A former stable worker there (2000) told me that plenty of racehorses are maimed and/or killed at this training center, but they are never reported and they don’t have to report it.
    No matter what Todd Pletcher is an executioner deliberate or otherwise.

  3. Racing is a 40.billion dollar “industry” with no oversight. That explains a lot of the power and why it gets away with with so much corruption and cruelty. We. know it will not “go quietly into the night”

  4. This whole situation is so disturbing, it just makes no sense to me at all. Most of these horses have no future. And that just is so sickening

  5. To Gina Powell: Thank you SO MUCH for all of the information you always provide, but I am wondering HOW do you GET all of this information? Such as knowing all about Todd Pletcher? I would love to dig deeper into the history of all the trainers, but how do you do it? Where do you find it? Thank you in advance!

    • Caprezia, http://www.equibase.com
      If you see dead racehorses listed here type the name of the racehorse in the top right hand corner and this is basically a “blueprint” of the racehorse.
      You can also sign up for Stable Mail – it’s free.
      So you can watch certain trainers or horses and it will come up in your email box.
      When you review, and analyse these official reports for years you can quickly isolate patterns.
      At least I have whether they are right or wrong.
      I hope this helps.

  6. It needs to be re-named, “The NYS Commission to Support the Abuse of Animals in Gaming”. What can be done to work on a legislative end? These poor two colts never knew happiness.

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