My Perfect Gem Killed at Finger Lakes

According to Equibase, My Perfect Gem was “pulled up and vanned off [after] appearing in distress” in the 4th at Finger Lakes yesterday. We now know (NYS Gaming Commission) that that “distress” translated to death back in the barn. My Perfect Gem was four, and this was his 17th time under the whip.

Also yesterday at Finger Lakes:

In the 2nd, “LOHENGRIN TWO [the ‘winner’]…responded and was kept to the whip to the end.”

In the 3rd, “SUNDANCE JOY [the ‘winner’]…was whipped left handed leaving the sixteenths pole…”

In the 4th, “ANYTHING PAZIBLE slammed at the start…ADIRONDACK DREAM ducked in slamming QUALITY ISLAND at the start…QUALITY ISLAND slammed by ADIRONDACK DREAM at the start.”

This is horseracing.


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  1. It all makes me so damn angry and sad that these people can abuse/kill these beautiful athletes without a second thought….All for the almighty dollar. I will continue share these blogs on Facebook, and hope that people will pay attention, stop goring to the horse races, stop betting on these beauties, May they all be at peace.

  2. I have contacted the news channels about their delight in covering the exciting races. Blabbering idiots. Yet when I ask why they don’t cover the deaths…. Well that’s not very sportibg is it?. Horses are replaceable and expendable. A commodity. Useless when they don’t win and many have enough nerve to actually die.

  3. This so-called entertainment must’ve stopped. These horses are being killed at an alarming rate. Overworked.drugged.physically immature. What kind of sport is this where we allow this INTENTIONAL ABUSE…PUBLIC ABUSE…..DRUGGED BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Forced to run ..imjected with pain numbing drugs.

  4. Hiding these less than stellar performers…shift I them off to slaughter kill pens. Abhorrent treatment of these magnificent creatures. Refusing to freely offer them to rescue instead sell them for next to nothing… KILL BUYERS.

    • These people prefer to run horses that are obviously no longer competitive rather than sell them for a more than fair price to someone who wants to retire them. They prefer to run them until they drop or if they can’t make it to the gate in spite of drugs and other “treatments” they will wind up on the slaughter bound truck.
      This is the mindset of these cruel people.

      • I am sickened by the brutaility of humans towards other creatures. We all share this one and only Earth. Each death is a blight on the planet. Another nail in the coffin. I have written to each tv station for an expose’. This is abput money,power and payoffs,so no one will touch it. My editorial hopefully will be in the daily Gazette. I am not tactful or diplomatic about anything I say. I simply don’t see where that gets you. Everyone who cares MUST post to social media! Write letters,send emails,whatever. Make sure you let the mayor of Saratoga know how you feel. She gets a weekly email from me. This MUST stop!

  5. MY PERFECT GEM – so sorry for you.
    Your sire, Gemologist, was trained by multiple drug violating trainer, Todd Pletcher.
    News channels should present the truth, should report on the deaths, and stop covering-up this massacre of racehorses.
    They should also tell the public that taxpayers money and/or casino profits are being skimmed over by this business and probably the politicians while community essential services are being bilked.
    This HRW blog has made a major contribution in exposing the truth and getting news coverage however unbalanced it may be at least the word is getting out.

  6. Still reeling from the news of Peta and Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance working to promote aftercare programs in NYS. Do they really not get it? Horses are dying everyday. But I guess that’s alright as long as the PR keeps the windows open. And pockets filled.

  7. And what did My Perfect Gem and a horse that died on July 30th at finger lakes, Maddie’s Revenge, have in common? The same trainer. Jeffrey Engelhart. 2 dead horses in 8 days.

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