Kills at Finger Lakes, Evangeline, Santa Anita

At least two more “equine athletes” were killed in action on U.S. tracks yesterday:

Mary Pray for Us, a cheap 5-year-old mare, was said (by the Equibase writer) to have been “vanned off” after the 1st at Finger Lakes. In fact, she is dead – euthanized where she lay (on the track, that is), according to the NYS Gaming Commission.

In the 5th at Evangeline, “GOODROCKINGIRL moved up to clear into the turn, pulled up sharply in apparent distress soon after and was euthanized” (Equibase). “Pulled up in apparent distress” – dead. She was four and under the whip for the 8th time.

And finally, the latest Santa Anita Stewards Minutes report two “fatalities” for the week June 11-June 17 – one, presumably, was Tiffany Diamond; the other, anonymous.

This is horseracing.


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  1. Thank you for your updates. You keep me committed to not going back to this activity. In my case , i downplayed the death of the horses and jockeys because of my delusion I was going to win a lot of money. i no longer believe that and I don’t like to read the Daily Racing Form any more.

  2. So Sorry for some more victims of this vile business.
    MAGNUM MOON (MM) another victim of multiple drug violator with multiple racehorses who have died under his training methods Todd Pletcher.
    MM was a “royally-bred” $380,000 Keenland purchase.
    Started his illustrious “career” with 4 wins in a row making $1,177,800.
    He, more than likely, was fed a steady stream of doping cocktails especially in this trainers barn.
    When security was tight for the Kentucky Derby he didn’t perform at all.
    Could be a multitude of factors, but during training hours yesterday he shattered his front leg at Belmont park.
    He was training up to a stake race at Saratoga – the summer death camp for racehorses.
    His bloodstock agent used the euphemism “structural injury,” and would not provide any further details.
    He did confirm that his “career” is over and that he has a long road to recovery ahead after his surgery.
    Well I guess we will see what his owners do with him since he will require lifetime care with a remote possibility of being ridden.
    I suppose the $1.1 million he’s made won’t be enough to ensure a soft landing, but that remains to be seen.
    Of course the secret medical records leading up the breakdown will never be released protecting the racehorse killer (whether intentional or not) Todd Pletcher, and the vet who potentially administered it probably Dr. Hunt (the one on the PETA video).
    Dr. Hunt works for specific trainers like Todd Pletcher, Steve Asmussen, Bob Baffert – it isn’t coincidental that these trainers monopolize the stake races, win all the money, and have a long list of dead racehorses to their credit.
    The peaceful demonstrations at Saratoga are so crucial for these racehorses.
    Somebody has got to be a voice for them, and this must end.

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