El Chiflado Killed at Thistledown

El Chiflado, three, was killed in the 2nd at Thistledown yesterday – “fell,” says Equibase, “and was euthanized.” The Pablo Torres-trained horse was coming off a last-of-7 just 11 days prior; in 9 total finished races, all but one under Torres, EC came in higher than 6th just once and averaged almost 20 lengths in the rear.

This, not the Justify nonsense, is horseracing.


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  1. That is so sad. Why are these horses being killed? Can’t the horse have the leg in a cast and sent to a ranch to retire?

    • Jim, there are a multitude of factors as to why they euthanize a racehorse instead of saving their life.
      Economics is the primary factor and in the case of any horse running in the claiming ranks (which accounts for 90% of the racehorse population) they are usually put down because the cost of surgery, the cost of recuperation, and re-training far exceeds their worth.
      El Chiflado is a typical claiming horse, running for its life, and obviously in distress as evidenced by his PP’s.
      He’s just another number to wager on, to generate $2 bets no matter where he finishes in the field.
      Also, the severity of the injury which usually includes shattered bone fragments flying on the track and/or the supporting structures (tendons, ligaments) damaged beyond repair.
      It’s sad, but true, and this is why everybody should acquaint themselves with what really goes on behind the fancy hats, and mint juleps that is conducted under the guise of “sport” and “entertainment.”
      Horse racing is a death pit for these beautiful animals with few making it out alive or finding a good home.
      That’s the truth, but the industry would like you to think otherwise.

  2. I received a mare through a thoroughbred rescue in July 2019 and Pablo Torres was also the trainer. I was told he hadn’t fed or watered her in 3 days and was planning to put her on a truck to Mexico or Canada however an anonymous person called the rescue. I’m grateful he gave her to the rescue but she has been on stall rest for 11 months for the bowed tendons she developed under his care. She is the kindest, most patient horse in the barn and I’m fortunate to have the finances to support her. Owners or trainers who have violations and have a history of this behavior should not be allowed to participate in racing.

  3. One of the saddest things about this pandemic is the amount of thoroughbreds that will be destroyed because of economics.Bad owners and trainers will do anything for a buck and because of an eminent meat shortage killer pens will be salivating at a triple price for the animals.Add on the state transportation laws at this time and rescue places running out of supplies and money,many thoroughbreds lives are actually ending prematurely because of track shutdowns.Now there is no transparency on illegal actions towards children,women and animals being abused,the country is focused on only one thing and that is this virus.Whatever you believe on the virus,it is obvious that our government has overstepped its boundaries and somewhere a child is being abused and a thoroughbred euthanized. Remember this in the election in November,this is what Socialism looks like and the next step is free speech.At this time though I want to thank every one on this blog for staying on top of abuse,this group has caused indictments of trainers,vets and crooked owners and actually is causing actual changes on medication laws and down the road will probably save the lives of thousands of thoroughbreds for opening the eyes of everybody in the racing industry.I know you are against horse racing in general and I respect that,but you have done more good than you realize,I see the changes.Personally,I feel horses could race if somehow all things were equal and clean for all and the animals were not abused.And I realize there are a lot of bad people in the game,so racing or any sport promoting gambling(football,baseball,basketball also)will probably always be corrupt but I would like to think maybe actual changes could make a lot of difference.Just remember,every horse you save is a victory,and like in any battle there will be casualties.Thanks.

    • 10,000+ racehorses per year go to slaughter now.
      The business is using this pandemic to invoke public sympathy so that they can re-open or the racehorses will got to slaughter completely ignoring the reality of the situation that has always existed.
      Their main Retirement Plan for the racehorses is the slaughterhouse.
      That will never change because there has never nor will there ever be enough homes to accommodate their unwanted racehorse mess.

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