El Chiflado Killed at Thistledown

El Chiflado, three, was killed in the 2nd at Thistledown yesterday – “fell,” says Equibase, “and was euthanized.” The Pablo Torres-trained horse was coming off a last-of-7 just 11 days prior; in 9 total finished races, all but one under Torres, EC came in higher than 6th just once and averaged almost 20 lengths in the rear.

This, not the Justify nonsense, is horseracing.


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  1. That is so sad. Why are these horses being killed? Can’t the horse have the leg in a cast and sent to a ranch to retire?

    • Jim, there are a multitude of factors as to why they euthanize a racehorse instead of saving their life.
      Economics is the primary factor and in the case of any horse running in the claiming ranks (which accounts for 90% of the racehorse population) they are usually put down because the cost of surgery, the cost of recuperation, and re-training far exceeds their worth.
      El Chiflado is a typical claiming horse, running for its life, and obviously in distress as evidenced by his PP’s.
      He’s just another number to wager on, to generate $2 bets no matter where he finishes in the field.
      Also, the severity of the injury which usually includes shattered bone fragments flying on the track and/or the supporting structures (tendons, ligaments) damaged beyond repair.
      It’s sad, but true, and this is why everybody should acquaint themselves with what really goes on behind the fancy hats, and mint juleps that is conducted under the guise of “sport” and “entertainment.”
      Horse racing is a death pit for these beautiful animals with few making it out alive or finding a good home.
      That’s the truth, but the industry would like you to think otherwise.

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