Bullards Alley Killed at Keeneland – Trainer Says He Was a “Cool Horse”; Ten Blessings Dead at Santa Anita

Dead Saturday:

In the 9th at Keeneland, Bullards Alley “went wrong” and was subsequently euthanized. He was six; this was his 40th time under the whip.

In the 5th at Santa Anita, Ten Blessings “took a bad step” and was subsequently euthanized. He was five; this was his 8th time under the whip.

The above kills came in stakes races, worth $250,000 and $200,000, respectively. Hence, they garnered (Racing) press coverage, and social media was awash in “prayers and condolences” and repellent statements like this from Bullards’ trainer, Tim Glyshaw (on Twitter): “Bullard meant the world to us. He was a cool horse that always gave his all. He was our first horse to win graded races for us and a grade 1. No words can describe how I and my barn feel right now. RIP BULLARD”

This is horseracing.


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  1. STOP THIS CRUEL ‘SPORT” These beautiful horses live such a short and cruel life, they are not pampered they are run, whipped, given pain killers to run with extreme injuries and then euthanized or “Vanned Off” and then sent to slaughter house, please stop this horrific sport run only by greed, narcissim and money ridden people.

  2. VILE.
    Neither BULLARDS ALLEY (BA) or Ten Blessings (TB) can surreptitiously drop dead like racehorses in the claiming ranks whose names are not disclosed in many instances.
    TB is another victim of Bob Baffert’s brutal training methods, and/or daily doping it seems.
    Needless to say no neutral investigation nor necropsy will be conducted and absolutely no repercussions will come of it because this is Teflon Bob after all.
    This business keeps the medical records secret to protect the billions in wagering profits at the expense of the racehorses.
    Send your prayers and thoughts to shut down this cruelty circus, and death pit because no prayer or thought could have saved BA or TB from these cruel exploiters.
    So sorry for you BA and TB.

  3. In addition to this horrific crap happens on the tracks (I’ve rescued two OTTB’s thus far), there is the issue of the nurse mare foals…HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS every year..born only to die so their mom’s can “feed” an TB broodmare’s foal so she can be shipped off to be re-bred. The Jockey Club REQUIRES broodmares can only be bred under live cover and their foals can’t go with them due to insurance issues..etc. Last Chance Corral in Athens, OH is overwhelmed every turn of the year trying to save and rehome as many foals as possible. Some weren’t able to suckle just once from their mom’s before being trailered up. LCC can save only so many, but alot aren’t. And because of their age, they don’t go to slaughter…they are only skinned. Another bad “arm” of the racing industry.

  4. Bob Baffert killed another one yesterday.
    This time his victim was TEN BLESSINGS (TB).
    I watched the replay and it was heartbreaking.
    Right out of the gate TB was struggling to move it seems.
    It appeared to become worse with every single step, and he appeared to be suffering before the breakdown.
    So this seems to point to a trainer who dopes to mask, and runs to risk their lives.
    In my opinion, BB is a heartless asp who poisons his racehorses with whatever it is he can shove into them to get wins, and cash in on bets.
    It seems obvious to me or anybody who doesn’t support this business that he doesn’t give a damn about all the dead racehorses he’s killed or will continue to kill.
    According to some sources BB is also a gambling addict, and uses the racehorses as pawns to cash in big bets.
    This wouldn’t surprise me because there is no low for this racehorses exploiter.
    Of course we will never know what BB shoved into TB, if anything, because they keep their medical records secret, and there’s a reason for that.
    Doping records would not only show the ongoing daily cocktail of dope to mask chronic issues, but it would also be transparent to the wagering public, and they don’t want that especially if a trainer is connected to the big wagering outlets like TVG.
    Think about the implications of that.
    We have a trainer with direct access to a bunch of racehorses who can dope them to win or lose while cashing in on bets!
    Hell, for all we know, they can dope them up knowing that they are on the verge of dying, and send them out to the track to die for insurance purposes – all possible scenarios under the current push back to require the mandatory release of doping records.
    Yet, this industry does nothing to protect these racehorses from these abusers, and killers.
    This industry is evil to the core, and I feel so sorry for the voiceless racehorses who are the non-consenting victims.
    Please click on this link for a detailed and factual account of BB without the apologists sugar coating this asshole.

  5. I think the last sentence in Bill Finley’s piece about Bullards Alley (in the TDN) clearly shows how the industry views its horses; “The $11,000 purchase earned $928,622.” The dark bay gelding was reduced to a dollar amount…

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