Horse Euthanized Two Days After Breaking Leg at Aqueduct; A “Bad Step” Kill at Buffalo

According to the Equibase chart, Milo Milo’s run in the 4th at Aqueduct Saturday was “choppy” and he “displayed poor action.” Ultimately, he was “vanned off” the track. Two days later, says the NYS Gaming Commission, he was euthanized for a broken leg. Beyond the kill, a question – to which I’m quite sure no answer is forthcoming – remains: Why was this poor animal made to suffer for two days with a broken leg? Milo Milo was an import from Argentina. He was six years old. Trainer, Naipaul Chatterpaul; owner, EV Racing Stable.

In the 8th at Buffalo Raceway last night, Clooney Drummond “took a bad step,” says the Commission, suffering a comminuted (multiple pieces) fracture. He was euthanized back in the barn. Clooney Drummond was 14 – yes, 14 – years old. Beaten, pounded into the ground (in fact, he had just been raced a week prior) – and, at last, killed. For $2 bets. Driver, Billy Davis Jr; trainer, Steve Andzel.


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  1. Yep, just throw a tarp over yet another dead horse sacrificed by the racing industry. Blood from his mouth laying in mud – treated like a no longer useful object, discarded like a piece of rubbish.
    Purposely bred for racing, no doubt a beautiful foal who grew up into a fine horse and this is how he and the vast majority of others end up – DEAD either on the track, in a stall or on the slaughterhouse floor awash with blood.

    Justify this racing apologists!

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if Milo Milo wasn’t full of painkillers prior to his last race. As for Buffalo Raceway, there is a “funny” tape out there of a race in a white out! Yes, a WHITE OUT!!! The announcer couldn’t even see the horses, and certainly neither could those watching the race. This area is known for heavy snows and white outs. Why the track was even operating that night, I have no idea-money, probably. How the horses and drivers supposed to see anything is beyond me. In Western NY when you’re driving in a white out, you’re lucky if you can see the end of your car’s hood. Check you tube-they probably have the film.

  3. Horrible carnage continues. Horse racing is a violent and cruel pastime ( not a sport).. They can try to throw all the rose derby blankets over the “winners”, but the stench of a horrific life and death still comes through.

  4. There is a trail of blood leading up to the roses on Derby day.
    It’s the blood of thousands of racehorses who have died for this repulsive business.
    The great late Sam Simon (co-creator of The Simpsons), whom I had the honor to talk with on his radio show, says this about horse racing:
    ‘I’m coming into it knowing that these horses are commodities, that this this is factory farming more than it is a sport,’ said Simon.
    “People don’t know what they’re watching when they’re watching a horse race,’ he said.

    Here’s a link to his radio show where he talks about the Derby:

    Sam Simon was a genius, and he saw through the fancy hats, and “entertainment/sport” banner.

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