“Horse Was Found Dead in Stall”

The NYS Gaming Commission’s “report” on 4-year-old Anchor at Belmont yesterday: “horse was found dead in stall.” “Found dead.” In an ethical world, trainer Brian Lynch would be made to answer for this. But this is horseracing; ethics don’t apply.

In the two most recent editions of the Santa Anita Stewards Minutes, four “fatalities” are noted. We know (from other sourcing) that one was Dial Me In on March 23. The other three, it appears, have perished in anonymity.

Finally, the Golden Gate stewards report that trainer Natalie Houle was fined $500 on March 31: “The ruling was issued after Ms. Houle met with the Stewards and acknowledged working the horse Holladay Visit within seventy-two hours of the horse being placed on the Veterinarian’s List. Ms. Houle stated she made a mental error and thought it was a different horse that was placed on the Veterinarian’s List.”

“Mental error; thought it was a different horse.” Vile. Horseracing.


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  1. I’ve directly witnessed the training methods of Brian Lynch, at Woodbine Racetrack, and they were abhorrent.
    We researched Brian Lynch’s past, and it’s shady to say the least.
    Incidentally, he’s a buddy of Frank Stronach (FS) whose tracks, in conjunction with the CHRB, are not releasing the names of racehorses dying on their tracks.
    It seems that they are running their own private death camp.
    Then Natalie abuses the racehorse Holliday Visit.
    This business protects racehorse abusers and killers – it has GOT TO GO.

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