Four Dead in One Santa Anita Week

The most recent Stewards Minutes from Santa Anita report four “fatalities” for March 12-March 18. We know (from other sources) the identities of two: Onde Ah Mo in the 1st March 17; Boom Boom Bango in the 9th the next day. The other two dead racehorses remain, at least for now, anonymous.


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  1. When is this going to stop. Outlaw this horrible so-called sport. Who do I contact in the racing commission to complain?

    • It will stop, lynne1238 – just not soon enough for us but more importantly, not soon enough for the horses. Horseracing is dying a slow but certain death. I read racing publications nearly daily and at least once a month, racing insiders lament the American public’s lack of interest in horseracing (I read an article where a poll indicated that only 1% of Americans listed it as their favorite “sport”). The industry is constantly battling their poor “image” as more and more of us are becoming aware of training and racing deaths AND of the constant flow of discarded racehorses into the slaughter pipeline.

      As far as who to contact, thank you for asking and for wanting to take action! The problem is, this industry is incredibly fragmented and without a single, national overseeing entity. There are 38 racing jurisdictions (I believe that is the correct number…Patrick?), each with their own commission (and in fact, I don’t think Florida even has a commission but is managed by their division of pari-mutual wagering) and their own rules (or lack of them!)…and as they, too, are employed by the industry, commissioners are never keen to field complaints regarding issues in their chosen line of work! What it comes down to, lynne1238, it’s the fox minding the henhouse.

      So although I wouldn’t plan on any racing commission/commissioner to take any action in favor of the horse, it never hurts to call or e-mail them with your complaint or observation – putting a little heat on them is never a bad thing! What you’re doing now? – just keep it up. Read. Share. Educate. It all starts with getting the truth to the public and increasing our numbers.

      I really like the following phrase and wish I could credit the source; “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you…then you WIN.” They’re fighting us, lynne1238.

  2. I agree, I wish there was more momentum to ban horse racing all together. How is it different from dog fighting?

  3. Any business that exploits animals for profit all have the same motives, and the results are often the same.
    We see it time and again whether that’s the circus, greyhound dog racing, animal experimentation, rodeos, horse soring etc etc.
    Once these people imprison animals for their own selfish means the abuse is sure to follow, and it most always does.
    The videos put out by animal advocates/activists on YouTube are horrendous, and horse racing is no different.
    In fact, horse racing is one of the biggest deceivers to the public because they intentionally deceive people into thinking that the daily business operations are not abuse, but “royal” treatment.
    They put out slogans like “Born to Run,” “loves to run,” and things like this.
    I know that Born to Run is really “Born to Die,” as the death lists continue to support this.
    “Born to Die,” is what happens to most of them when this industry dumps them because the slaughterhouse statistics confirms this as well.
    A non-consenting, voiceless, and defenseless racehorse doesn’t “love to run.”
    I’m sure they don’t love being confined 24 hours per day with needles in and out of their veins, joints, and whatever other hole they can find.
    Being whipped/beaten when tired and/or sore is a clear indication (to anybody with half a brain) that they certainly don’t “love to run.”
    This industry will one day be held accountable for their deceptive business practices in a court of law when their bloody asses get sued, and then they will be shut down.
    The racehorses will have their day in court you animal abusers.
    You are ALL the same if you support/participate in this business.
    You are not “good” as you think you are, you are delusional as you continue to abuse and kill racehorses.

  4. I believe the other two would be Mourinho, while training on 3/12 and Dial Me In, after suffering an injury while racing 3/23, race 3.

  5. I have been monitoring this blog.
    I thank Patrick and regular contributors such as Gina, Joy, Rose etc.
    My son-in-law worked at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto Canada back in 1983.
    He went into the business because he loved racehorses.
    After he witnessed what’s required to keep these horses going he left the business because he loved racehorses.
    He told me about one particular incident whereby they were electrocuting the horse up the ass in the morning while it was training so that it would run like hell during the race out of fear.
    It snapped its leg-off in the next race running out of fear and his owner/trainer thought it was funny.
    He left.
    He had enough.
    He said he never saw one person there that truly loved these racehorses.
    they were seen as mere profit slaves to be exploited and dumped.
    Other than the big stake races there the public isn’t supporting this anymore as the truth comes out.
    That’s precisely why they depend on taxpayers to foot their “horsey” bills.
    Let’s face it the hens are guarding the hen house at Woodine and they just got handed another 105 MILLION FOR 20 years of taxpayers money!
    They decided this with all industry members present in a shroud of secrecy.
    They reinstated all the lying racehorse abusers like Lawson and the Queen of gambling racehorse abuse: SUE LESLIE of the HBPA who makes MILLIONS in wagering profits while taking from the public coffers!
    This decision by our ugly politicians will result in massive pain and suffering of racehorses.
    These are my observations and opinions
    this is going on at all racetracks they all need to shot down.

    That seems to be the situation here and it’s a disgusting shame that more money is going to support this animal cruelty.

    • Thank you for sharing, Sarah. Yes, it is the same here in the States – subsidies (through racino money) prop up much of the industry, including almost all of the harness variety. We must stay the course – educating and exposing.

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