Dial Me In Dead at Santa Anita

Dial Me In suffered a broken shoulder after colliding with another horse in the 3rd at Santa Anita yesterday and, according to multiple sources, is dead. He was three.

This is horseracing.


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  1. Is. There. ANYONE. Trying To Stop This DISGUSTING Blood Sport???? Death. Death. Death. And More Death!!!!!!! HELLO ANYONE???? IS IT ALL ABOUT THE MONEY????? THIS IS #AnimalAbuse And TRAGIC!!!!!! DEMANDING ACTION!!! STOP. STOP. STOP. STOP!!!!!!!!

  2. When will people show some humanity and stop killing these beautiful horses. Stop the greed that drives it. It is as bad as dog fighting. Lives are lost by human hands and horse racing of all kinds must be banned. It is premeditated aggravated animal abuse

  3. Most all racetracks in North America can’t financially survive due to lack of wagering income.
    They require financial assistance in the form of taxpayers money, tax breaks, corporate welfare and/or casino profits.
    In Ontario Canada every single politician (Liberal or Conservative) has thrown BILLIONS at 14 racetracks here despite all facts and figures proving that this is a MONEY PIT who will never be financially self-sufficient.
    Our health care system is in peril as Ontario residents are waiting 6 months for an MRI due to lack of machines, there is a total lack of hospital beds or nursing staff to support the sick here, patients are being treated in the hallways and/or dying in Emergency wards due to lack of beds, patients are on 3-5 year waiting lists for Family Doctors here!
    Despite these facts, our politicians decided to give the horse racing industry 105 MILLION PER YEAR FOR 20 YEARS as announced this past Friday.
    What fuc*ing planet are these politicians on?
    They are just as delusional as the apologists are.
    So we, as consumers, can stop supporting this vile business entity, but our government and politicians continue to throw money down this money pit.
    It’s time to seek out, and support those politicians who will stop all financial support to this business, and i’ts just a matter of time before this happens.
    Then we can revoke this ridiculous 20 year commitment, and total waste of money for these ungrateful animal abusers.
    Shutting their doors is sure to follow.

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