Wet Track, Broken Body, Ambulance, Dead at Los Alamitos

According to the Equibase chart, We Have a Favorite was “injured, vanned off” in the 8th at Los Alamitos March 10. We now know that the 3-year-old is dead. From the most recent Stewards Minutes (via the CHRB): “A light, but steady, rain was the order of the evening, resulting in the track being labeled ‘wet fast’ for the entire card. Racing went without incident until the last race, when #6 We Have A Favorite suffered a slab fracture of the right knee and was euthanized after being removed from the track via horse ambulance.” So close to finishing “without incident.” Vile.


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  1. Moving a horse that has suffered a catastrophic limb injury is a terrible way for a horse to die. These racehorses weigh 450-500 kilograms and how on earth these so-called vets think it’s okay to cause more harm by forcing the horse into a trailer is incomprehensible. They know the horse is in agony with pain and traumatized. They know the horse has to be given the green needle to put the animal out of its misery BUT they refuse to do it on the track because it’s not a good look for racing.
    For shame, for shame!

  2. So sorry for WE HAVE A FAVORITE – another victim of this repulsive industry.
    Yes, they move racehorses who are in extreme agony because they want to do their dirty work (killing yet another victim of this horrific business) away from public view.
    This industry goes to no lengths to hide their dirty little secrets including the slaughterhouse where most of them end up.
    It sickens me when apologists comment on here with the usual: “don’t paint us all the same, there are good people in this business.”
    No there isn’t.
    You can’t be good or “love” racehorses while you continue to support the massive pain, suffering, and exploitation of racehorses.
    Just partaking in the daily operations of this business qualifies you as a racehorse abuser.
    You are probably deliberately delusional, but if you ever snap of this stupidity you will immediately realize how crazy, and unnecessary this carnage is.
    On another note, so sorry for Jose Flores who died yesterday.
    Yes, he had a choice. Yes, he beat horses with his whip. Yes, he was a racehorse abuser like all jockeys are because beating/whipping a sore and/or tired horse is an egregious act of animal cruelty.
    However, he was a person, he was a father, a son, and a husband.
    My point is this business is horrific from start to finish and everything in-between.
    It involves massive suffering from racehorses to jockeys dying.
    However, the daily grind in the stable area is beyond words.
    You would have to be there for one race season to understand what I mean.
    Suffering is plentiful, and so is exploitation.
    All of this for what?? – for stupid gambling bets.
    Go gamble on a slot machine – leave the racehorses out of it.
    I hope this business shuts down in my life time because I will be the first in line to celebrate the demise of an antiquated business model that has no place in the 21st century.

    • Yes, Gina – thank you for your spot-on comment regarding Jose Flores. As disturbing as it is – to acknowledge the suffering of horses at the hands of the humans who find their employment in the racing industry – I, too, witnessed many track “workers” who had no education, no vocational training, not one skill other than what they learned from being in racing from a young age. For those jockeys, it was continue riding – even the horses with known injuries, taking an even greater chance the horse would break down – in order to pay the rent on their meager living arrangements and purchase groceries for their families. When I see “Sport of Kings” used to describe the horseracing industry, I know what the reality is.

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