Dead Horses: Troublewithatee, Mourinho, Motown Sound

Mahoning Valley Race Course has notched another death. In the 4th yesterday, Troublewithatee “went bad,” says Equibase, and was euthanized on the track. The 3-year-old is the ninth horse killed at this track in the first quarter of 2018. Wake up, Ohio; stop subsidizing this brutality with slots revenue (and yes, even if you just go to play the “Video Lottery Terminals” at Mahoning you are still very much supporting the racing industry, and with it, the killing).

from the Mahoning website…

Also yesterday, Mourinho, two, is dead after breaking while practicing at Santa Anita. We know because he was a stakes winner and had “earned” almost $180,000 in only five races. Oh, and he also went for a cool $625,000 at Ocala last year. So, the racing rags covered it. Says trainer Bob Baffert in the Daily Racing Form: “It’s terrible. He was going easily…when he took a bad step. Up and down, every day. It’s a shame.” Yes, a shame – think of all that money lost. Baffert, by the way, wasn’t there (his assistant was covering); he was in Florida – looking at this year’s 2-year-old crop.

And from Sunday: After being put in a “protective hold” and “vanned off” in the 2nd at Aqueduct, Motown Sound, the Gaming Commission announced, was euthanized for a broken leg. He was four. That makes two days in a row for Aqueduct.


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  1. There are three billboards within about 20 miles of my house one shows Mahoning Valley racecourse with a silhouette of a line of horses that are racing the other shows pictures of horses racing at Presque Isle and the third one advertises mountaineer racetrack. I would love to put billboards by each one of those to show the dead horses from each of those racetracks especially the most recent at Mahoning. I wonder how the general public would feel to see the horse from last week that broke his back leg, with the leg dangling behind him? Maybe it would make a lot of people realize the brutality.

  2. Politicians allegedly get millions in hush money from the horse racing industry.
    They skim-off the racino profits to ensure that decoupling doesn’t go through.
    They go to no lengths to support this vile business while getting their palms greased.
    Perhaps it’s time to vote in politicians who promise to shut these hell holes down?
    Then cancel the Interstate Horse Wagering Act.
    Pass Decoupling.
    All of these things would shut down horse racing because they can’t stand alone.
    Their profits are not there to support these hell holes so they depend on outside financial assistance including corporate welfare.
    The never ending stream of money going to support this legitimized animal cruelty is sickening.

  3. Regarding the incident of Bob Bafferts horse Mourinho break down.With all due respect to Baffert I’m sure he’s the best at what he does.Win major Stake races,Maim many horses,and breakdown many and how many does he lose to incidents such as colic.founder and other systemic issues due to foreign substance in the horses system abuse?In Bafferts comment to the daily Racing Form Mourinho was moving smooth during a workout then he took a bad step.WHAT THE FUCK IS A BAD STEP? Yeah if I broke a bone I think that would lead me to take a bad step or two? A bad step makes it sound like it was the cause of the breakdown,does any with a lucid thought in the business of horses think that maybe,just maybe this bad step was caused by a broken bone or possibly my some UNDIAGNOSED MUSCULAR DYSFUNCTION rather than it just maybe the horse stepped in a hole or divot in the ground.This term BAD STEP is commonly used and often relieves the trainer of any and all responsibility for the breakdown.In my opinion it would be similar to a drunk driver saying I made a bad turn! That just happened to result in a head on collision,killing the other driver.Stop the use of that BAD STEP,BULLSHIT! It releases the trainer of any and all responsibility of the real cause of the breakdown which in most cases comes down to a few issues,the abuse of medications,the experimentation of new drugs administered into the horses system,undiagnosed muscular dysfunction or pre existing physical issues which were not recognized by the trainer.Just stop it with the bad step defense,it’s becoming offensive and insulting to the people watching this form of animal abuse.It lets irresponsible people who are the legal guardians of these horses OFF THE HOOK! If these were children CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES would have removed these horses from there care for “NEGLIGENCE”.DEDICATED.

    • Teflon Bob can kill many racehorses probably even shoot one in the head right in the saddling paddock, and his good friends will ensure that he doesn’t get punished.
      He’s had so many racehorses DIE under his training methods that he would be in jail by now if he was doing this in any other setting in America.
      I would like to point out that this example follows a pattern that I’ve mentioned previously: Mourino purchased for 6-figures, equine insurance policy most likely in place, doesn’t live up to the price tag, perhaps even sustains a physical injury that would prevent Mourino from performing, but the SECRET medical records are not disclosed so it’s time to cash in on a policy, and get rid of this disposable commodity. This is a possible scenario, and fits the pattern. So on to the next victim as BB was in Florida picking out some more racehorses to abuse, and exploit.
      He’s a heartless snake, and I feel sorry for any racehorse that goes into his race stable.
      He’s not a trainer, he’s a killer – deliberate or otherwise.

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