How, America, Can This Be Justified?

Saturday at the races…

In the 3rd at Aqueduct, A Fleet Attitude “weakened in the final furlong, was along for the show honors then tragically broke down [the Gaming Commission called it a “bad step”] a stride after the finish necessitating euthanization on track” (Equibase). “Tragically broke down” – but he finished third! Trainer David Cannizzo and owner Ivery Sisters Racing almost had a great day – a third-place $2,500 payday and a nifty little $12,500 sale-price for their 8-year-old claimer. But, alas, dead horses render those pre-race transactions null and void.

In the 8th at Charles Town, 3-year-old Turbulent Power “entered the backstretch toward mid track, broke down shortly afterward and had to be euthanized.”

In the 8th at Laurel, seven horses started, four finished. Gato Dolce “fell after sustaining an injury,” and two others, Chargin Storm and My Train, also fell (over their “rival”). No word as of yet on their fates. But it must have been pretty bad, for the official replay was edited, with the mid-race ugliness utterly whitewashed.

Finally, in addition to several other horses being “vanned off” (including Bluegrass Prevails in the above-mentioned Aqueduct race) two horses bled – from the nostrils, that is – in the same race at Turf Paradise.

Horses down and “vanned,” horses with blood coming from their noses, horses dead on the track – all, for $2 bets. America, are we not better than this?

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  1. Are there any petitions online to sign to investigate and correct this rampant behavior, or in support of bills being introduced to regulate and ban use of drugs in horses in racing? Those seem to widen the scope of exposure to “non-serious racing/horse welfare fans”.

    There are many that are only aware of the Kentucky Derby type racing scene, and really oblivious to the “business” of racing horses until they die in the dirt. They would find this horse abuse horrifying… they just don’t know what is happening out there.

    Same with the systematic roundup, incarceration and sell off to kill buyers, of America’s wild horses and burros by the BLM. Thousands of Americans have no idea there are even wild horses still running free (for now) on the millions of acres of national land and open spaces.

    People need their eyes opened to see the atrocities committed in the name of ‘money to be made’.

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