Ciaran Killed at Belmont

The NYS Gaming Commission has reported the training death of Ciaran at Belmont March 6: “suffered a fracture to his left front – vanned off and euthanized.” Ciaran was three days short of his third birthday and had been raced three times.


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  1. I feel so helpless. Belmont is a short drive from my home. I wish I could stop this. It feels so “real” being so close by.

  2. Racing is a subculture. Most people know nothing about racing apart from the Kentucky Derby and if asked they would say racehorses are treated very well. They have no idea of what goes on behind the charade of the derby and the Triple Crown. Few people see the long lists of the horses that die on the tracks or know horses are raced sore and too frequently; filled with drugs; die in their stalls without any vet care as well as the many other abuses. Nor do they know the majority of horses that survive the rigors and abuses of this game end their lives being slaughtered after a long truck ride under the most inhumane conditions. The nasty truth flies under the radar.

    Racing is the domain of gamblers, cheaters, animal abusers and liars. It does not belong in any civilized society.

    • Rose Smith, your comment is so well stated. I would love to cut and paste it without your name, calling it anonymous, and put it on my FB page and my FB rescue page also (seen by everyone), “Marie Saved from the RR Tracks”. You just summarized it so very well. I won’t do it without your permission. Thanks.

  3. Rose Smith, so well stated and factual! Thanks for also telling about the sad demise waiting those horses that don’t break down and die on the track: horrific rides in crammed trailers to be inhumanely dispatched in slaughter houses in Mexico or Canada (and protesters have to be constantly on the watch to prevent horse slaughter houses being re-started in the US).

    Are there any petitions online to sign to investigate and correct this rampant abusive behavior, or in support of bills being introduced to regulate and ban use of drugs in horses in racing? Those seem to widen the scope of exposure to “non-serious racing/horse welfare fans”.

    There are many that are only aware of the Kentucky Derby type racing scene, and really oblivious to the “business” of racing horses until they die in the dirt. They would find this horse abuse horrifying… they just don’t know what is happening out there.

    Same with the systematic roundup, incarceration and sell off to kill buyers, of America’s wild horses and burros by the BLM. Thousands of Americans have no idea there are even wild horses still running free (for now) on the millions of acres of national land and open spaces.

    People need their eyes opened to see the atrocities committed in the name of ‘money to be made’.

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