“Went Wrong,” Dead at Mahoning

In the 4th at Mahoning yesterday, Caladonia “went wrong late and [was] euthanized on the track” (Equibase). She was two years old.

Caladonia “going wrong”


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  1. now that I”m out of it, I can see the stupidity of it. it has no real purpsoe. it definitely doesn’t make the world a better place. Betting on horses is stupid. Unfortunately it took me thirty five years to come to this conclusion.
    I have three different mental illnesses and I think they helped me think I was going to win a lot of money, which never happened. I’m for the abolition of horse racing. I am now against all gambling. I hate the racinos.

  2. Oh my, how this sweetie Caladonia toiled for them — non-stop — HOW COULD THEY! — HOW COULD THEY betray this magnificent animal, this vulnerable animal who always is at the mercy of us humans — Someone MUST protect our Racehorses — there MUST be a LAW —– SHAME on these horse owners — SHAME on you monsters — HORSE RACING MUST BE SHUT DOWN — let’s keep at this until NO MORE TRACKS!! — By the way, PLEASE NOTE the following important info : The Nonhuman Rights Project is the only civil rights organization in the United States working to achieve actual LEGAL rights for members of species other than our own — The fact that animals are living, sentient beings with emotional, psychological lives is a NO-BRAINER — everyone on the planet KNOWS this! — PLEASE look to NhRP : NONHUMAN RIGHTS PROJECT == “The legal struggle to recognize the fundamental rights of humans was arduous. So, too, will be the struggle to recognize the fundamental rights of NONHUMAN animals, since so many humans benefit from exploiting them.” – NhRP President ‪@Steven_M_Wise‬

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