Dead Horse “Mars” Gulfstream Afternoon

I have confirmed that Double Cabernet was euthanized after breaking down in the 8th at Gulfstream Monday. According to Equibase, the 3-year-old “went wrong and fell.” But the horror didn’t end there. After falling, she was “struck” by two other horses (both of whom “stumbled badly” and “DNF”). The final insult comes in the official Gulfstream replay. Not only is the kill whitewashed (no surprise there), but this is uttered by one of the announcers: “And the race marred by an incident.”

“Marred.” “Incident.” Vile.


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  1. Frank Stronach AKA Magna “Entertainment,” AKA Adena Springs, AKA The Stronach Group (TSG), owns Gulfstream Park.
    This organization (with pro-horse racing entities) eliminates both race segments, and/or names of racehorses dropping dead in the dirt on their tracks all over the USA.
    I was told, by a person who interviewed for the announcer job at one of his tracks (he didn’t want his name used) that he was specifically told to avoid, whitewash any breakdowns and/or catastrophic injuries.
    He said that it is written into the contract, and grounds for termination if you display any type of emotion towards the racehorses breaking down. (paraphrasing)
    This announcer here on video is clear evidence that this is, most likely, one of the job “duties,” – ignore the horrific dying of racehorses on Stronach-owned tracks.
    Frank Stronach: a racehorse abuser, enabler of the abuse, provider of the facilities where racehorses are dying, cover-up of the truth,public deception, and the owner of most all wagering companies that make billions in profit off the bones, backs, tendons, ligaments, and lives of racehorses.
    VILE person, and outfit.
    I’m no longer in the business, and I will no longer remain silent about this callous, heartless racehorse abuser who hides behind his millions including his million dollar farms.
    In the end, he’s no different than any other apologist, and the racehorses are dying.

  2. There was another kill at Gulfstream yesterday and another 3 horse spill. Luckily, the horses involved in the 3 horse spill all got up. That track is getting worse by the day!

      • SD, I’m wondering if the kill lil h mentioned was Forty Lengths. The chart reads; “Forty Lengths dueled outside Flat Out Mine from the start, began to bear out steadily despite heavy right-handed pressure approaching midstretch, bolted over the outside fence unseating the rider about 50 yards from the finish, and was vanned off.”

        “Bear out steadily” – injured? – likely. “Heavy right-handed pressure” – “heavy” WHIPPING.

        Forty Lengths, a NY-bred bay gelding, not yet 3 years old. That was his first race.

      • SD, Forty Lengths was euthanized. Can be confirmed on Twitter. He was the 17th horse vanned off and/or euthanized during the “championship meet” so far.

    • Thank you for the update, lil h. I was wondering if it was that one, the chart didn’t sound good. But then again, neither did the chart for the 3 horse accident in the last race that day. When horses bolt like that and are willing to put themselves into a harmful situation such as hitting, running through, or jumping the rails, I always wonder if they are being “buzzed” by a shock device.

    • The vile operations of The Stronach Group (TSG), in conjunction with pro-horse racing entities, ensured that the segment of Forty Lengths was edited out on their YouTube channel.
      Prior to this, Forty Lengths (FL) was continuously BEATEN and WHIPPED coming down the stretch.
      With every strike I could see that FL seemed to be in utter fear, and discomfort as a result of this inhumane treatment.
      Frank Stronach, owner of TSG is nothing but an enabler of this abuse, and dying.
      Yet, he claims to “love” and “care” for horses.
      Another delusional apologist whose millions can’t hide the ugly truth behind this vile business.
      So sorry for all racehorses getting maimed and/or killed at Gulfstream during this 2018 “Championship” meeting.
      The only thing they are championing is the ongoing maiming and deaths of sentient beings – shame on them!

  3. Yesterday at Gulfstream Park, upon review of the Equibase Results, there were racehorses in distress in EVERY SINGLE RACE!!
    Folks, it’s so bad for racehorses it’s absolute HELL, and it has become so VILE that these death traps need to SHUT DOWN right away.
    Some excerpts from the comments:
    “weakened,” “faded,” “outrun,” “dropped-back,” “finished early,” “retreated,” “eased to the wire,” “stopped,” “wide,” “empty,” “no bid,” “very wide,” “trailed,” “no match,” and in Race 10 every single horse had an issue whether that was being bumped, roughed up, or in some sort of distress or “faltered.”
    Now, since they keep their medical records deliberately secret (both pre and post race) nobody can ever confirm the extent of the pain, and suffering that these racehorses have gone through or are going through,.
    However, an experienced horse person doesn’t have to look too far to know that all of these comments are reflecting a racehorse in distress to some degree.
    For example, “very wide,” usually indicates a sore horse who doesn’t want to put pressure on the sore leg when going around the turn.
    Yet, they continue to mercilessly beat/whip these horses – absolutely VILE and blatant animal cruelty!
    Moreover, these are comments from pro-horse racing entities so if they are putting these adjectives in then you know that they are, most likely, minimized!

  4. There was a maiden racing for the first time that jumped the outer rail in the stretch that was vanned off for christs sake a horse can only do what they can to try and protect themselves… fractious in the gate not wanting to take the turn falling back lugging in or out and the whip they most definitely try what they can to get away from it…..its sick to see these things and know what they mean and see that same horse thrown into race after race time and time again…..the last time i saw a 3 horses chain reaction all 3 of those horses perished one walked back bled out internally was found dead in stall next morning….one sufficated to death months later due to injuries from that fall and was raced multiple times witb these injuries and the other broke down and started the inncodent their names diggers jigger cantina butterfly and goldtique at parx racing 2015 i watched that race have the necropsy reports on the outcome nothing compares to watching these horses breakdown and then see the reports on what was wrong with them….there was another saltys hero major knee problems broke downon the lead entering the far turn this horse should have never made it past the vet i wish i could obtain the toxicolgy report because theres no way this horse was running in his condition without the use of potent painkillers i dont want to offend anyone by brining up detsils of necropsy but they clearly show what these horses had to deal with why trying to endure the stresses of racing its the downright truth of whats going on with them….i dont wanna hear this bad step bs when the horse is running with fractures and holes in their bones massive brusing and lesions to tendons ostioarthritis you just cant defend these types of things that blatent animal cruelty shows very very clear

  5. Pro-horse racing entities intentionally deceive the ignorant masses(perhaps even deceiving themselves) by claiming that these racehorses get the best of care.
    So let’s break that statement down, and get past the delusion.
    The vet care is designed for the predominant purpose of doping, masking and/or increasing competitiveness. Doping to keep them running, filling races, and generating income.
    In many cases, the racehorses are living in pain, and suffering for this VILE business, but are made to run while being beaten/whipped to perform.
    The “secret” medical records, or lack thereof, are the key component in covering-up this animal cruelty.
    Intense confinement 23 hours per day some standing in inadequate bedding with no medical care including untreated serious ailments such as fractures or tendon/ligament tears. (See previous HRW post “Horse Left in Stall With Broken Leg for Almost a Month)
    It always amazes me how the cameras, on big stake days, show racehorses standing in knee-deep straw, a big net of fresh hay, and buckets of water.
    However, this image depicted doesn’t account for about 90% of the horse population, claimers, who are running for their lives every single day and are not being treated “royally.”
    Many are denied even adequate bedding, feed and/or medical care.
    This industry that supposedly “cares” for racehorses does absolutely nothing to protect them, and does little to nothing when owner/trainers are caught red-handed dumping them at kill auctions.
    They are mere disposable commodities, numbers to bet on, bodies to fill races, and generate income.
    They are exploited to the point of dying, and dumped if they make it out alive in many cases.
    This is the truth behind the fancy hats, and “entertainment” banner because it certainly doesn’t qualify for a sport.
    It does, however, qualify for a romanesque-style gladiator blood bath, and would qualify for Felony Animal Cruelty charges in any other setting in America.

  6. Billy, the mare Lucy N Ethel didn’t last long with Tom Amoss, and was transferred to another infamous multiple drug violating, multiple racehorses dying under his direct training methods: Todd Pletcher.
    This poor mare had chips removed from her ankle, and they are still beating her to run!
    Just look at her PP’s!
    As soon as she stopped performing, likely due to chronic issues, she was entered into the Keeneland January sale as Hip #121.
    Now Keeneland requires recent x-rays.
    Furthermore, when an owner is going to spend 6-figures, which is most likely for a mare with her race record, then they usually order more extensive diagnostics such as ultrasounds.
    They can even order blood tests if the seller is agreeable to it.
    They probably knew the results would come up dirty and she was OUT.
    When she’s racing the medical issues are hidden because the medical records are secret, but when selling – they can’t get away with that.
    The ink on her catalogue page was barely dry when they entered her to race at Aqueduct on January 15, 2018 where she struggled to get through the race, but her pre-existing injuries most likely caught up with her in the stretch where she “weakened.”
    Lucy N Ethel is now on my Watch List – a high potential for a catastrophic injury.

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