Three Kills in Five Days at Golden Gate

In its latest Stewards Minutes, Golden Gate Fields reports three kills in five days:

In the 8th December 26, 3-year-old Into Kings “[was] pulled up but was later euthanized due to severity of injuries.”

In the 8th December 30, 3-year-old Pequena Maty “was pulled up and euthanized.”

Earlier that morning, 4-year-old Fervent Femme “was injured” while training – “euthanized later due to the severity of injury.”

Three dead horses in five days. For gambling. California, are you not better than this?


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  1. Golden Gate Fields, owned by The Stronach Group, who accommodates the ongoing maiming and/or dying of racehorses including Gulfstream, Santa Anita, San Luis Rey Downs training center.

    He ensures, in collusion with the CHRB and/or pro-horse racing entities that they: 1. Edit out the names of racehorses who die on his tracks actually protecting the dying, and the connections who are directly responsible for these deaths. 2. Edit out the segments or the entire Race Replay that clearly shows racehorses snapping their legs-off and/or dropping dead in the dirt some being maimed for life.
    These dirty secrets behind the fancy hats, and “entertainment” banner are being deliberately covered-up because it’s so horrific, vile, and repulsive to anybody with one ounce of compassion.

    Then you follow the money trail.
    Most all of the wagering companies (XpressBet, Tote America, etc.) are owned by The Stronach Group so it’s clearly in their best interest to keep sore horses running, to continue risking the lives of racehorses, and to cover-up the maiming/deaths of racehorses in order to fill races, and fill his wagering company coffers.
    The Death Facts speak for themselves, and they are indisputable.

    Frank Stronach seems hell bent on supporting the ongoing maiming and/or killing of racehorses for $2 bets.
    No sooner had the ashes of the 46 racehorses, who burned to a crisp in their stalls at the San Luis Rey training center, cooled-off he announces that he will build more death traps for racehorses!
    What a way to make a living: off the bones, backs, bodies, and lives of sentient beings.
    Mr. Stronach are YOU not better than this?
    Apparently not.

    So sorry for Into Kings, Pequena Maty, Fervent Femme – may your souls come back to haunt this apologist.

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