Horse Killed Ahead of $16 Million Pegasus

As I have previously stated, in the U.S. there are at least as many private training centers as open-to-the-public racetracks. Quite obviously, kills at those sites are typically beyond my reach. The result: scores of racehorses dying in anonymity. Every once in a while, though, a report surfaces because, invariably, the dead horse in question was worth a lot of money, was a star. This is the case with the Canadian horse Leavem in Malibu who, according to multiple (racing-press) sources, was killed while training at the Palm Meadows Center (Florida) Monday. The 4-year-old Graded-Stakes winner was in the States for Gulfstream’s upcoming $16 million – yes, $16 million – Pegasus World Cup. In light of that last part, the meaning behind trainer Mark Casse’s words is (despite what he’d like us to believe) impossible to miss: “I’m still in shock about it. It’s extremely sad and unfortunate” (Paulick Report).

This is horseracing.


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  1. Mmm… this trainer is “still in shock” as he himself said. Mark Casse has a list a mile long of horses that have broken down in his care BUT he’s in shock. He really should be at the Academy Awards for his skill and expertise at putting on an act.
    But this was the $16 million horse race called The Pegasus and this trainer is likely to be bitterly disappointed about losing the chance of winning an obscene amount of money and fame, rather than the cruel death of yet another horse in his stable which he states is “unfortunate” -implying that it’s just one of those things that cannot be helped. What a load of crap these trainers spew. They have themselves on big time when they think that they’re placating the public.
    Thankfully, more and more members of the public are being made aware, informed and educated about these horses dying. This has come about by the constant sheer hard work and dedication of Patrick, Nicole and the supporters on Horseracing Wrongs.
    Racehorse advocates are active in many parts of the world e.g. the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses in Australia, Animal Watch in the UK. If the racing industry thinks it can carry on killing horses, then it’s in for a rude shock. The public no longer accepts the deaths of these racehorses as being “unfortunate”.

  2. I love it when horse racing broadcasters will say about a particular trainer after an interview.”There’s one of the good guys in horse racing”. This not saying much about the remainder of the trainers in the business.The second point is do these ignorant broadcasters really think this trainer is going to show his miserable personality on national T.V. During an interview you are not seeing the genuine person,you’re actually seeing his representative,his P.R. Guy,because he never knows who’s watching maybe the next Zayat or some sheik.So don’t let these con men fool you. 99.9 per cent are undesirables. DEDICATED

  3. His words are empty as he continues to run horses all over the country under Assistant Trainers.
    This is a classic example of a Program Trainer who rarely sees most of the horses under their name.
    If it weren’t for his performances, Leavem in Malibu would be just another number sitting at the hell hole Fairgrounds most likely.
    I watched every single race replay of LEAVEM IN MALIBU.
    He was regularly beaten by regular rider in Canada: Patrick Husbands.
    It seems very likely that he was beaten while carrying injuries that we will never know about due to the secrecy of their medical records.
    TIME IN MOTION, less than 2 weeks ago, dropped dead in the dirt at Gulfstream Park.
    Apparently, he too, was training at Palm Meadows leading up to his death race.
    Both properties owned by The Stronach Group.
    Not even dying deters these delusional apologists because they go back the very next day and start the cycle of maiming and/or dying again.
    Vile, brutal, callous, heartless apologists.

  4. I am very sad and mad at the same time. These jockeys and trainers need horses to kick them in the face in return for all the beatings they give to horses. Then these people should be forever banned from handling or going near horses for life.

  5. Patrick, you can add another one to the list of horses killed by racing.
    In Closing was euthanized a couple of days ago due to “complications” from a racing injury.
    He was ion the “vanned off” list a while back.

  6. Some anonymous poster on Twitter is claiming that racehorses are dropping dead like flies at the Palm Meadows Private training center (owned by The Stronach Group).
    He said that racehorses are being found dead in their stalls as well.
    The post has been deleted by somebody.
    I can only hope that his comment is untrue, but this is horse racing.
    Nobody can or will be able to confirm either way because when a racehorse dies on these private training centers it’s kept secret and it’s not reported.
    Nevertheless, there are 1,440 stalls at the Palm Meadow training center, and I presume they are full given that this is the winter time.
    Please refer to the post here “Training Centers” that lists most of the private training centers in the U.S., and it’s mind boggling the dying that’s most likely going on because these racehorses die anonymously under complete secrecy.
    On another note, there was a huge spill at Gulfstream Park on Thursday according to Equibase charts.
    I’m not sure if this was listed on HRW, but 2 horses went down, and I think both were euthanized – not sure, but one is named CLASSIC ACT and the other PROSPECTIVE MOMENT.
    What’s going on is complete insanity, it’s unacceptable, it’s pure evil, and it’s got to stop.

    • Gina, supposedly both horses are ok- not so much with the jockeys. The whole wreck was caused by CARELESS RIDING on another jockey’s part! This is how much the horses well-being is disregarded! The offending jockey got a 30 day suspension- but big deal. Ultimately, he could’ve killed a whole lot of horses and quite a few humans as well.

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