Dead at Santa Anita; Dead at Belmont

From the most recent Stewards Minutes at Santa Anita: “Am I Blue was being pulled up [in the 1st December 29] when he was injured and fell to the track – euthanized, right front suspensory failure.” Am I Blue was four; this was his third race.

The NYS Gaming Commission has disclosed that state’s first kill of 2018: Alex the Terror while training at Belmont Tuesday. During the course of his five-year life, in a “career” that spanned but three years, Alex was bought and sold several times (with six different trainers). Chattel. A thing. A nothing. How profoundly sad.

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  1. AM I BLUE.
    These supporters/participators of this vile business obviously lack compassion, but they also lack intelligence especially when it comes to finances.
    For example, most people don’t realize that it costs at least $100 per day, per horse, to keep them in active training, and racing.
    So a conservative estimate to continue abusing Am I Blue after 4 years is about $100,000+ not including the owner/trainers time because he’s obviously not getting paid to work 7 days per week at least 60 hours per day.
    All of this financial waste and abuse to make $3,390!!
    They are completely delusional, and actually pay to continue abusing racehorses.
    The only winner is the wagering companies that are monopolized by about 1% of the industry.
    The racehorse KILLER TODD PLETCHER is at it yet again!
    This multiple drug violating trainer with MULTIPLE racehorses DYING under his direct training methods is nothing but an animal abuser who would be charged with Felony Animal Cruelty charges in any other setting!!
    Racehorse after racehorse goes into his racing stable and comes out in wheelchairs IF THEY MAKE IT OUT ALIVE.
    He’s proud to say that he was taught by D. Wayne Lukas.
    Well, he sure was taught well because Lukas has enough dead racehorses under his belt to fill a book.
    I suppose he taught Pletcher the “art of killing a racehorse.”
    Back to ATT.
    He made $431,164 for owner Repole who spends MILLIONS at the sales auction buying his next victim to send to racehorse killer Todd Pletcher.
    Todd Pletcher has a website where you can leave your comments to him.

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