Another Day, Another Kill at Mahoning – This Time a 2-Year-Old

Another day, another kill at the Mahoning Valley Race Course, and with these latest two, the Racing Death-Machine demonstrates (yet again) not a hint of age bias. One day after 11-year-old Electric Alphabet went down in his 83rd race, 2-year-old Honor the Empire, in his fourth time out, “took a bad step…was pulled up and euthanized” (Equibase). “Took a bad step” – as if but a matter of fickle fate. Vile, indeed.


  1. The racing industry has the audacity to blame the horse for its death when it declares that the horse took a bad step. Dismissing its “much loved” horses’ deaths as though they are unavoidable when the truth of the matter is that the stress of galloping at high speed is killing and maiming its horses on a daily basis. How dare they say that HONOUR THE EMPIRE took a bad step when they forced this 2 year old to race when its body is nowhere near being fully developed, let alone its immature mind.

    This is horseracing.

  2. Not only is galloping at high speed a factor, but lack of transparency, lack of neutral oversight, doping to mask chronic issues, a total lack of preventative measures, and beating/whipping when tired and/or sore.
    Most importantly, is a total lack of compassion while hiding behind a guise of “loving them” which is just a deliberate delusion to justify their inhumane treatment of these racehorses.
    Of course the supporting structures to the owner/trainers enables this abuse and/or dying so that races can be filled, and profits can be made.
    It’s a small fraction of people making the billions at the expense of these racehorses and low level personnel.
    Every single name on these death lists are just one more cry for help, but this falls on deaf ears and heartless people who continue to partake in this legitimized animal cruelty.
    HONOUR THE EMPIRE – we will not let you die in vain.

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