California’s Manipulative “Transparency”

How is it that the state of California can publish this list of horses who died in the San Luis fire but ever refuses my annual FOIA request for the names of their track kills?

2016: “The CHRB has not changed its policy and therefore cannot provide a list of racehorses that died or were euthanized on or at California race tracks…the name of the horse…is considered confidential.”

2015: “The CHRB cannot provide a list of racehorses that died or were euthanized on or at California race tracks…the name of the horse…is considered confidential.”

2014: same basic response.

Appears to me that this recent transparency is a rather transparent attempt to arouse sympathy and support for the affected racing-people and, by extension, the racing industry at large. In other words, vile. As usual.


  1. Exactly, Patrick.
    They publish the names of the horses that died at San Luis to appear that they care, yet they do not publish the names of the horses that continually die on their racetracks.
    Telling indeed!

  2. If they really cared about the racehorses then they would have an Emergency Evacuation protocol in place which would include the immediate summons of all horse vans to evacuate for starters.
    Little to no vans were sent, according to news sources, and the horses remained in their stalls up until the very last minute after they were warned by fire personnel to evacuate long before that.
    They waited until the very last minute, and that is not somebody who cares.
    Once again, they put plenty of racehorses lives at risk not unlike sending them out to the track every day.
    They are silent about the deaths on their tracks, and don’t disclose names for people to find out what’s going on.
    They are running their own death camps not unlike the ones in Auschwitz only the victim is different.

  3. San Luis Rey Downs fire – 46 racehorses died burning to a crisp in their stalls – most likely due to a total absence of Emergency Evacuation Protocol, a lack of adequate facilities for such emergencies, lack of response from both Magna “Entertainment,” the trainers, and/or owners who didn’t evacuate (according to news sources) when ordered to do so, didn’t get horse vans there for evacuation, and basically confined racehorses in their stalls knowing full well that they were most likely going to burn to death from the fire.
    The ones saved were released from their stalls to run rampant on the grounds (it’s a miracle that no humans or children were plowed over and killed while they were evacuating their families in the adjacent neighbourhood).
    Every single person who was stabled there, the respective owner/trainers, and Magna “Entertainment,” were all negligent in this emergency crisis situation.
    Unfortunately, it’s tragedies like these that put this vile business in the spotlight, and clearly shows that they do little to nothing for their profit slaves when they are not filling races for them.
    Equally egregious is the GoFundMe page set up by this multBILLION dollar industry!!
    Martine Bellocq and Joe Herrick, trainers burned in the fire, are still asking for donations for their medical bills!!??
    Are you fu**ing kidding me???
    Absolutely ZIPPO funds set aside by this multiBILLION dollar industry for people like this!
    “The Stronach Group has solicited bids for the reconstruction of San Luis Rey, but that no official timetable has been set out.” (according to the Blood Horse).
    I implore any resident in California who loves animals, who loves/cares about horses to immediately start a petition to BAN this facility from being built again.
    In the least, you should demand from your politicians an investigation and accountability from this organization that literally gets away with killing racehorses, millions in tax breaks and/or corporate welfare while small to medium size businesses get nothing of the sort nor do they exploit racehorses.
    Everybody should should stand up to this legitimized animal cruelty and shut this facility down once and for all.
    This facility when I investigated it in 2005 was a hell hole, death trap, and suffering pit for racehorses.
    I haven’t returned since, but I bet that little has been done.
    The closest vet clinic, at that time, was 45 minutes away without traffic which I noted in my report.
    Just think about that for a moment.
    Any racehorse who breaks down there and/or requires immediate medical intervention/surgery was denied that by virtue of the geographical location, in addition to, many other factors as previously mentioned.
    Hell, an operational equine ambulance actually hooked-up to a truck would have helped a great deal back then.
    In 2005, the drainage needed major repairs and upgrades because they knew damn well that the manure and bacterial refuge was most likely affecting the neighborhood surrounding this facility (where children live), but it was the CHRB that continually endorsed this facility when somebody knew damn well what the hell was going on!
    They even endorsed this facility when they knew that there was no operational, and safe equine ambulance at the time so that should tell you something right there!
    Of course the promised upgrades, the legally binding contracts with the government seemed to all be disposable trash, wallpaper, just like the racehorses.
    I would encourage any family, with children, who has lived around this facility to investigate any health issues that they may have experienced currently or in the past.
    It’s very possible that the source of your health problems are coming from the lack of sanitary/adequate draining facilities from San Luis Rey Down Training center!
    Keep in mind that about 200+ racehorses are stabled there, confined in stalls, crapping about 10 times per day, per horse, going directly into the sewage system there that didn’t appear near adequate at that time.
    I had access to multiple reports that were issued by professional contractors and/or government officials continuously recommending much needed upgrades that seemed to either disappear, or go nowhere!
    So it’s possible that bacteria laden manure was seeping into the water system which I took pictures of at the time. There was nowhere for the “run-off” to go except to seep into the ground water – at least that’s what appeared to be happening coupled with the reports.
    My report was one of the only reports generated that I’m aware of that seemed to have “disappeared.”
    Moreover, I had to CC (copy) attorneys representing Magna “Entertainment,” and then I was quickly denied access to the stable area at Santa Anita!!
    Moreover, my password was revoked so I was unable to get into my reports, and to follow-up.
    I was basically rendered obsolete.
    In fact, my original steward posting after Del Mar was to be in the stand at the Oak Tree Santa Anita meet, but after this report, I was contacted and told that Santa Anita would deny me entry into the stable area so they reposted me to the quarter-horse meet at Los Alamitos race course, and that I would be on the “B’ circuit with follow-up to state fairs.
    There were a multitude of factors that led up to me leaving this business that I grew up in, that I staunchly supported and defended for years, but when I left there was no doubt in my mind that the truth behind horse racing is massive cruelty, pain, suffering, and exploitation of racehorses and people in order to grease the wagering wheels.
    There is not one shred of evidence to the contrary – not even the delusional apologists.

    • Thanks for this further information, Gina.
      It must have been so frustrating for you witnessing the terrible wrongs, trying to make a change by investigating and reporting in a professional manner, only to be silenced by the unprofessional and seriously negligent people that you mention. Any reasonable thinking person would have immediately acted to fix the dreadful and dangerous facility that it was. But no, they treated you in an abominal manner to stop you from doing what was right. Despicable people who should be brought to account.

  4. When I investigated the SLRD’s facility I also noted that PILES of manure was located on the grounds and the pick-up of that manure was not on a regular schedule.
    The manure hadn’t been picked-up in WEEKS when that amount of bacterial refuge should be removed at least once per week if not per day.
    As I approached the pile, being a hot day, I had to actually take the bottom of my shirt and cover it over my face and mouth because the odor was so strong.
    Keep in mind that I’m somebody that pretty much grew up in a manure pile in the stable area at Woodbine so if I can smell it then it’s super bad.

    Anyways, I was told by the manure removal company that Magna was NOT paying their manure removal bills for at least 90 days so that’s why the removal company was not picking it up until the bill was cleared.
    The manager at SLRD’s at the time disputed the non-payment issue, but she was surprised when I asked for the bills and payment receipts to disprove this rumor.
    I really tried to give Magna “Entertainment” the benefit of the doubt, but realized that something was amiss.
    Not surprisingly, the receipts were never forthcoming.
    I thought how in the hell can this dude complete over 20 million dollars in renovations (promised in the contracts apparently) when they can’t even pay their manure removal bill?
    Delusional perhaps?

    Like I’ve repeatedly stated, this was back in 2005 so I have no clue if anything changed, but if that manure pile was there during the wild fires then it would be a conduit, basically a keg of powder trail leading right up to the barn area, and possibly the adjacent neighborhood.
    I was flabbergasted at the lack of by-laws and rules enforcement for this organization, but they had the CHRB on their side, which is basically the entire government endorsing them to the tune of millions in tax breaks/corporate welfare and non-enforcement to keep this outfit going – at least it seemed that way given the information I saw.

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