Fatal “Spill” at Turf

The Equibase chart note for Compadre Sam in the 5th yesterday at Turf: “suffered a severe leg injury nearing the quarter pole and fell then was euthanized.” He was four.

The “spill,” as it was referred to by the writer, also brought Cayoke Star down. No word on his condition.

Here is the replay (Replays, 27th, race 5). The fatal fall occurs around the :55 mark. Note, too, the beating administered to the eventual 3rd-place finisher, #8 Runs Sweet, down the stretch (jockey is in orange).

This – beating, sometimes killing, animals – is horseracing.


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  1. Racing Must End. So sorry for Compadre Sam, Cayoke Star and ALL tb’s FORCED into this madness.
    Today Is GIVING TUESDAY. Please Donate and Let’s End Horseracing!

  2. A sickening and shocking incident. One horse dies, another escapes serious injury. I saw a riderless horse and assumed that that was Cayoke Star. Just because he’s up and running on all four legs immediately after this terrible fall doesn’t mean all is well with him. At the very least, he would’ve suffered shock, fear and trauma and likely abrasions and a degree of bruising and possibly lacerations. Only X-rays and other vet tests would reveal injuries not obvious.
    Compadre Sam, your life was cruelly stolen from you when you were so young and I’m so sorry for you and ashamed to be a human being.

  3. The horse that led in this race (no. 3 in white blinkers) set a very fast pace putting pressure on the other runners. The field splits as a result. Compadre was in the first group and was coming third but gradually lost ground just before he broke down. He was trying to keep up with the fast pace, being pushed beyond his limitations and they killed him, plain and simple. I hate to think if he was carrying a pre-existing injury or was sore from the high stress of training/racing.
    The Equibase charts and racing apologists commonly call it “a bad step” implying that the horse made a mistake. Yes, it conveniently suits them to say this in an attempt to blame the non-consenting animal and to deceive the public.
    Repulsive and repugnant.

  4. The jockey riding Runs Sweet, who came home 3rd, beat that horse with the whip about NINETEEN (19) times from the home turn. Difficult to see if this horse was whipped earlier in the race. Imagine being mercilessly beaten with a whip NINETEEN times – how would you feel especially when you’re going as fast as you can? It’s barbaric and a blatant act of cruelty upon an animal. SICK.

  5. I despise this business, and anybody who participates/supports it.
    This business continues to perpetuate egregious acts of animal cruelty on racehorses.
    It was horrific watching this poor racehorse fall in the dirt.
    I absolute despise all of you apologists.
    You are a sickening bunch of pathetic low life scum who thinks nothing of enslaving a non-consenting, voiceless sentient being for this insanity.
    Then when you are done maiming them, taking away their quality of life you most likely DUMP THEM.
    You are a delusional bunch of people.
    WHIPPING, DOPING, MAIMING, DUMPING and/or DYING qualifies as animal cruelty.
    Only a barbarian would accept this.
    Horse racing is nothing but carnage, mayhem, and a blood bath for racehorses and it has got to END!!
    Racehorses snapping their legs-off is NOT ENOUGH for you apologists!!
    Horse racing needs to die just like all the racehorses who die for you heartless bastards!!

  6. Supporters of this game usually claim the horse “loves to run” and is bread to run. If that is the case why all the unmerciful beating ? Brutal beatings happen all the time, especially at the low level tracks where the “cheap horses” are started over and over without sufficient recovery time and undoubtedly sore and drugged to mask injuries.
    Racing is a lawless business that should be held accountable for animal cruelty, beating, drugging, cheating and on and on.

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