The Day After The Breeders’ Cup, 2 Kills at Parx, 2 More at Turf

As I alluded to in my Saturday post, the keywords “kill breeders’ cup (derby, preakness, triple crown)” bring many – multiple thousands of – new visitors to this site. My hope is that after the big event has faded, they return here to see horseracing stripped bare, to see it as it is practiced for the other 360-odd days of the year. To see the unremitting cruelty – the killing that never subsides. Yesterday, the day after the 2017 Breeders’ Cup came to a close, two tracks reported two kills each. Two, and two.

In the 5th at Parx, says Equibase, 6-year-old Groupthink “broke down leaving the turn then was euthanized.” Two races later, 8-year-old Golden Glint “broke down nearing the three furlong grounds and was euthanized.” In the 3rd at Turf, 3-year-old La Moneda was “post-race euthanized.” Four races later, Sooner Boomer, also three, “was pulled up in distress entering the lane and euthanized.”

That’s four dead racehorses at two tracks in a single American day. I wonder where those who have just recently celebrated another glorious Breeders’ Cup are. The silence – their silence – is deafening.


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  1. I found the Breeders Cup unwatchable this year after joining this site. Truly disgusting event. Thanks everybody for showing me the light.

  2. My friend’s 13 yr. old grandson was asked if he wanted to watch the Breeder’s Cup. He declined saying he was writing a paper on ” Cruelty in Horseracing” for school. He lives in Seattle and attends a private school.
    My friend will send me a copy which will be interesting. It looks like perhaps the word is getting out. I sure hope so..

    • We all surely would be interested in reading that paper he is writing when he completes it. Another comment mentioned that pet store operators were as cruel as some racehorse owners. We know that to be true first hand!! Our beloved Mitsy,a small dog that looked just like a king Charles spaniel, who after being hit by a SUV, became only able to walk with 3 legs due to nerve damage that was inoperable. We were told by a retail pet/ grooming store that we should cut off her front leg!! That leg caused her no problems for the rest of her life and when she was sleeping or lying down looked like a normal dog.We later found out the store owner / operator was making such high profits she was actually purchasing and having horses placed in training from the Keeneland sale.Needless to say we never went back there again.Our Mitsy was a 1/2 rottweiler,1/4 cocker, spaniel, 1/4 beagle cross that we received from a family member. This retail store owner operated in a small city in the Northwest. Mitsy was quite able to run very fast and usually kept up with our cats and even bicycles on the county road in front of our house.

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