“Acute, Severe Laminitis – All Four Feet”

Yesterday, in the 5th race at Finger Lakes, a 2-year-old filly named Judge Maggie was put to the whip for the third time. According to the chart (Equibase), she was “pulled up, vanned off.” In fact, she is dead – broken leg, says the NYS Gaming Commission, “euthanized on the track.” “Vanned off”? More industry sleight of hand.

The Commission has also released the names of two more dead horses from what it terms “non-racing” causes. On September 25 at Belmont, 2-year-old Sherlock’s Hope “developed acute severe laminitis in all four feet” and was presumably euthanized. Acute, severe, all four feet. The second of Sherlock’s two “career” starts came just 16 days before dying – but it’s “non-racing.”

On October 14, again at Belmont, 4-year-old Hold On Momma “suffered a severe case of colic.” Euthanized. She was last raced nine days prior.

This is horseracing.


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  1. Sherlock’s Hope would have been in ABSOLUTE AGONY with ACUTE, SEVERE LAMINITIS in ALL of his four feet.

    This, a 2 year old baby horse who had only two race starts and just 2 weeks after his second race he dies suffering one of the most cruel conditions a horse can come down with.

    You can’t tell me that no person noticed that this very young horse was afflicted with a serious condition.

    You bloody mongrel bastards.

  2. Absolutely Carolyn: Sherlock’s Hope would have suffered greatly.
    It’s egregious and inhumane to continue to train, and run a horse that they knew full well had this condition, and here’s the proof:
    It’s important to note that a claim was put in for Sherlock’s Hope on 07/29/2017 – his first start.
    The claim was “waived,” so that indicates that the medical assessment of the horse upon claiming didn’t pass so the owner waived the claim, and you can bet your bottom ass that they knew that this horse was suffering from this condition.
    Yet, they sent him out to train daily and even continued to race him knowing that he was in agony not unlike Nehro who suffered under similar medical conditions.
    Hold On Momma would have suffered daily leading up to her agonizing colic death.
    Reputable vet studies prove that most all racehorses have ulcers that need to be treated.
    Many racehorses don’t get the vet treatment they need especially the ones in the claiming ranks or not performing.
    Again, their secret medical records are kept far from outside scrutiny so this is when those records should be pulled by a neutral vet (not making money off this vile business) to see if the horse was getting treatment.
    If not, then an automatic felony animal cruelty charge should ensue like any other pet in the “normal” world.
    Judge Maggie a victim of pounding on a under developed musco-skeletal system most likely.
    It seems obvious that people in the stable area did bear witness to these racehorses suffering, and remained silent.
    These racehorses were victims of this legitimized, and institutionalized blatant animal cruelty, and these bastards get away with it.
    You can make a difference for the racehorses by not patronizing horse racing, educating people, and expressing your concerns via letters/petitions to the horse racing industry.
    You can also demand that your government stops financially supporting this horrific industry by diverting casino profits into the hands of local improvement projects not to a business that maims, and kills racehorses.

    • Correction: not able to confirm that a claim was put in as indicated – my mistake, but the race was categorized as a Waiver Claiming Race which usually indicates that horses entering the race most likely has a medical condition that a potential owner can waive upon inspection of the horse.

  3. How does a horse seemingly suddenly, develop acute, severe laminitis in all FOUR feet? And the someone races them? My heart just hurts. Not only this debacle, but Boy Scout camp horses found at a kill lot, wild horses being decimated and more. It’s a nightmare and if I think it’s a nightmare, how must these horses feel? My heart weeps.

  4. Someone MUST protect our Racehorses — from Day #1 — All Racehorse lives matter from the lower level claimers to the upper levels — their horrific life of abuse leading up to their day of death, is more or less, sanctioned by the owner/trainer AND the racing commissions — Racehorses are forced to live a life of pain and suffering — FOR WHAT? — for $2 bets — Moreover, the ISW (Interstate Wagering) largely controlled by the HBPA rakes in billions — with this kind of money you can potentially buy any politician, journalist or others which could possibly explain how protected this legitimized cruelty is — IMPORTANT : Not ONE CENT of this money is legally mandated to support aftercare for horses — if only they cared about and respected our magnificent racehorses for their entire lives; if only! — clearly, they don’t give a damn about their profit slaves — just the money, AND they will go to great lengths to protect tin — we want our horses protected — more and more our voices are getting heard in the face of this multibillion dollar industry.

    • Well said Mari.
      Not only does the HBPA rake in billions in wagering profit, but they stick their hands right into the pockets of owners/trainers by automatically deducting at least 1% of a racehorse’s total earnings!!!
      Moreover, they don’t have legal authorization to do this that I’m aware of, and they have been getting away with this for years.
      The only legal challenge came in Florida years ago by a small group of horse trainers/owners who were fed up with the HBPA, and their corruption – they won.
      So now in Florida an owner/trainer can fill out an optional form to block them from going into on track bookkeeping accounts and take money.
      I estimate that they took from me about $20,000 for doing absolutely nothing other than causing me aggravation because I wasn’t one of their paid trainers who monopolize stalls and purse money.
      They give little to nothing to racehorse aftercare, and not one red cent is mandated to put aside for racehorses standing at kill auctions.
      Yes, they do buy a lot of people, and if they want to really clean up the corruption then get rid of the HBPA.
      Their main goal is to fill races, and increase wagering profits which is why they defend trainers who get caught up in dope positives and corruption scandals because they are usually in collusion with them.
      The worse part of this equation is that the racehorses are paying with their lives.

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