The “Vanned” and Bleeding, 10/9/17-10/15/17

The following horses were ambulanced – “vanned,” they call it – off U.S. (flat) tracks last week. While true that not all of the “vanned off” end up dead, rest assured that many, if not most, of these names will resurface on my year-end FOIA kill reports.

Hero Ten All, Santa Anita
Unique Storm, Zia
Princess Izabella, Hawthorne
Gray Sky, Keeneland
Warning Sign, Remington
Wild Impulse, Gulfstream W
Papa Vaquero, Prairie
Favorite Check, Los Alamitos
To the Bar, Santa Anita
She Is My Hero, Finger Lakes
Deceptive Ad, Retama
Cabo Wabo Baby, Retama
Dulce Ride, Keeneland
Aunt Bunny’s Honey, Mountaineer
Gold Passion, Mountaineer
Barcelo, Turf
Carson City Guy, Zia

In addition, these horses were reported as “bled” or “returned bleeding from the nostrils”; this usually indicates pulmonary hemorrhage. Pulmonary hemorrhage.

Lil Neddy, Penn (also “vanned off”)
Malibu Charlie, Remington (also “vanned off” and described as “in distress”)
West a While, Fresno
Hidden Pearl, Penn (“bleeding badly from her mouth”)
Sc Vapor Trail, Prairie (also “vanned off”)
Waupaca’s Wish, Remington

(source: Equibase)


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  1. Just the fact that a horse ambulance is at the ready for every horse race that is run is evidence that it is anticipated that a horse will break down or die during the race. It is an expectation.
    How on earth does the horseracing industry get away with this.

    • I always tell people, there is no other “sport” that has the athletes being followed by an ambulance to treat the human casualties and another vehicle with a state veterinarian who is equipped with all the equipment and lethal combinations of medications to put their athlete to instant death.

      • Amen, SD! Also, in what other “sport” do you pray that the athlete finishes uninjured at the end of the event? Even as a teenager, which was many, many years ago, I always said a quick prayer when the gates flew open yet never did the same when horses entered the show ring or hunt course. Quite telling, in my opinion…

  2. My heart goes out to all racehorses on this list.
    All of them mattered equally, but I want to focus on 2:
    HERO TEN ALL – the trainer is multiple drug violating trainer Doug O’Neill who has left a trail of broken, crippled, and dead racehorses under his direct care. He is a racehorse abuser, and killer.
    Yet, this industry permits him to continue doing this, and inevitably Hero Ten All was his next victim while Irap is recovering from shattered bones.
    I’m told his recovery doesn’t look good, and that his prognosis is guarded.
    IRAP was yet another victim of this despicable racehorse killer.
    I’m sure there will be more, and this business who supposedly “cares” for racehorses just keeps enabling him to do this – pathetic animal abuser.
    GRAY SKY – this is heartbreaking. Royally-bred for Derby hopes he went through the sales ring as a weanling (the milk from his broodmare’s breast barely dry), and sold for $400,000 turning a hefty profit for his breeder.
    The pin hookers kept him for 10 months and flipped him through the yearling sale for $700,000 making a hefty $300,000 for doing nothing more than providing a stall or paddock for 10 months!! The buyer was Robert Baker and William Mack – big players in the game.
    This horse didn’t have much of a chance when he was sent to multiple drug violating trainer with enough dead racehorses under his belt to fill a book – the infamous D. Wayne Lukas.
    He is a brutal, racehorse abuser, which is precisely why he’s inducted into the Racing Hall of (SH)ame where killing racehorses seems to be a mandatory factor for being inducted.
    His 27 times under the whip mostly came when he was just a baby – 2 years old.
    After making $202.092 for this heartless trainer he died in the dirt, and this very experienced trainer most likely had every indication that the horse was SORE and had issues, but continued to pound on him until he broke him down.
    I despise this SOB because I’ve seen many of his victims in the stables areas of Churchill Downs and Keeneland when I was training. He is a racehorse abuser, and killer.
    D. Wayne Lukas should hang his head in shame, but killing racehorses is an acceptable practice in this business.
    Perhaps he will suffer greatly in his old age just like all the racehorses whom he reaped extensive suffering on as they lay crippled and/or dying for this sadistic deranged individual who finds beating a horse with a whip and electrical device funny (as per the PETA video).
    This is just a few characters that this vile business supports.
    This says it all, and anybody who continues supporting it knowing these few examples would have to be incredibly ignorant or deliberately delusional.

  3. Thanks for correcting my mistake on Gray Sky.
    It’s horrific that D. Wayne Lukas would send him out and continue training him risking his life, and limb every single time.
    I feel so sorry for Gray Sky, and the fact that he seems to be heading for another fall, and may not get up next time.
    Shame on the racehorse abuser D. Wayne Lukas.

    • Ah yes… they keep working them, Gina. Big Tire was “injured, vanned” in his last race, and in the short time span since then, has had 2 published works. Quite worrisome.

  4. Barbara – no, no no.
    There isn’t anything that this business can do to prevent racehorses from being maimed and/or dropping dead in the dirt.
    Their very policies promote, and tend to uphold this process that leads up to horrific situations.
    Furthermore, racehorses are being maimed and/or killed at ALL levels – bottom and top, rich or poor, claimers or stake winners just as ALL categories of racehorses end up in neglectful situations like Dr Drip or countless others who end up at kill auctions.
    Most normal people don’t consider a sentient being dropping dead in the dirt as “entertainment,” unless you think the Romanesque-style arena blood bath is acceptable.
    Anybody with one iota of compassion needs to look past the fancy hat veneer to see this for what it is: a non-consenting, voiceless racehorse being exploited to the point of being maimed, dumped or killed.
    That’s why this needs to shut down because it’s the only way to prevent this carnage.

  5. Here’s the line for last night’s 6th race at Penn an allowance….TIZ A GOOD LIFE trailed the whole way, was eased down the stretch but had some minor
    encouragement through the finish then was vanned off all while being 33-34 lengths back 4th race lifetime…..its everywhere at that place …heres a horse i follow from there runs tonight LEE’S SOUTH look him up……go on canter p.a. and look up MISSION GAP also last raced July 8th listed on canter october 4th old ankles up front touch of white line disease on hindfeet currently barefoot a touch footsore….if that’s not enough l9ok up STRONG RESOLVE on paulick…then go to equibase and look him up…..change won’t ever fix these things

  6. Billy, I looked up Strong Resolve/PR and was sickened…that was over FOUR YEARS AGO and reading the comments? – the same comments have been written in 2017. NOTHING has changed. Horses endure legal and illegal drugging, running sore, frequent change of ownership…then and now.

    Strong Resolve hasn’t run since July. I sent an email to an individual who should bear responsibility for him.

  7. Breeders Cup at Del Mar started today, and these high priced horses owned by wealthy owners are not immune to this nasty business.
    Even Frank Stronach and his pro-horse racing cronies can’t hide the full monty due to this high profile day.
    Race #1. Bob Baffert at it again. LEADING SCORE – “faltered,” “lacked a response.”
    The race replay shows Mike Smith, whipping/beating LS to no avail.
    In any other setting in this country, the whipping/beating of any animal is considered Felony Animal Cruelty.
    The owners look on so they are the enablers of the abuse, and even PAY for this horse to be abused!
    The fate of LS unknown at this point.
    Race #2. The horrific ongoing cruelty, and inhumane treatment of racehorses continued as the last 7 horses in this race either broke down (CHEEKABOOMBOOM), “weakened” or “no rally,” which usually means that they had absolutely nothing left to give. The fate of Cheekaboomboom – unknown.
    Race #3. The last 2 horses, BOY HOWDY/PROUD ZONING “faltered” or “dropped-out.”
    Race #4. The last 3 horses, SMILING TIGRESS, SHARONA SUNSET, MAMA’S KID “steadied,” “weakened,” and “eased”.
    Race #5. DRESSED IN HERMES. DNF. “walked-off.”
    Race #6. Important to preface this by noting this was a race for 2 year-old fillies whose muscoskeletal systems are not even developed before the hard pounding on them that this business requires.
    It’s disgusting to report that the last 9 fillies in this race (yes, I repeat the last 9!) were all “steadied,” and “weakened!” Are you fu**ing kidding me?? This track, and this meet should be shut down!! This is outrageous!
    More than 50% of the field had major issues finishing the race!
    Race #7. 2 more victims of Bob Baffert. How does this animal abuser get away with this?
    MOR SPIRIT & CUPID lost by lengths, but survived what was probably a brutal experience for them.
    Today at Del Mar, the majority of racehorses were crying out for help today.
    The charts and the replays revealed, what seemed to be, lots of racehorses in pain, suffering and/or running with pre-existing conditions.
    We will never really know just how extensive their issues are because this industry keeps the medical records secret with little to no peer review, or neutral oversight.
    This is not “entertainment,” nor a “sport.”
    This is blatant animal cruelty, and it will end when you stop patronizing it.

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