Another Kill at Delaware – This Time an 11-Year-Old

From the Delaware Racing Commission: In the 4th at Delaware Park October 7, “Allie’s Event broke down on the far turn and was humanely euthanized.” Allie’s Event was 11 and had been pounded on U.S. racetracks since 2008 – 67 races (including his death run) in all. Five days earlier, 2-year-old You’re a Survivor was killed at that same track. Moral: Young, old (for racing, that is) – it simply doesn’t matter; this Killing Machine – upward of 2,000 on American tracks every year – doesn’t discriminate.


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  1. It hurts my heart to see these old war horses lose their lives. They most likely had many years and miles of pounding along on the track, with injury upon injury that got patched up and then they were sent back out to be hurt again. Sad.

  2. Another poor horse forced to die on dirt! Sickening.
    Recently read trainers Rice & McPeek (Ten City dead Oct 7) went to S.Korea for autumn carnival race. No offense but a country that eats dog. Anything for ego & money…. I believe in karma.

  3. ALLIE’S EVENT – I’m heartbroken over you dying in the dirt for your heartless breeder/owner who used and abused you while you gave her every single last drop of sweat including making $491,042.00!!!
    There’s no doubt in my mind that you received regular joint injections and probably lots of other doping cocktails to patch up your issues, and keep you running.
    Again, this is where medical records should be made public because they will, most likely, reveal the horrors going on in your stall including injections with dope that was needed to keep you going.
    Your owner, Lori A.Smock, is an animal abuser and enabler of your abuse, and she ought to pay for this legally by being in jail for animal abuse.
    She “loved” and “cared” for you soooo much that she put you up for sale after you ran your heart out for her.
    You should have been set free from these hell holes years ago, and you should have been given a dignified retirement, but when you have an owner that clearly doesn’t give a damn about you then these things happen.
    This is the wonderful world of horse racing where exploiting, doping, dumping, maiming, and/or killing is a daily occurrence, and that’s why it needs to shut down.

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