2-Year-Old “Humanely Euthanized” at Delaware

From the Delaware Racing Commission: In the 7th at Delaware Park October 2, “You’re a Survivor broke down in the stretch and was humanely euthanized.” You’re a Survivor was two years old; this was his third time under the whip.


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  1. This is so wrong!!! I am so sad that these horses are exploited by money hungry creeps! Horse racing is a crime and it needs to be outlawed!!

  2. So sad. You’re a Survivor couldn’t survive the horrors of the racing industry. Two years old and his life is snuffed out for human entertainment and gambling. End it now. Stop betting on the horses.

  3. Because this industry is all about money (banking is all about money, finance is all about money, money is all about money — horse racing is about horses) — precisely why this industry MUST be SHUT DOWN — there is no respect, no love for the horses — and, let’s admit, it MUST be all about the horses and the people who care about them!– Is it THAT DIFFICULT to change one’s mindset? — Or, must we “gut” the industry and replace with horse-loving people?

    • Just “gut” the industry, and shut it down.
      The industry supports trainers who seem to place wagering profits first, and the welfare of the horse well after that.
      The racehorses have become disposable commodities, and this multi-billion dollar profit making business does little to nothing for them when they are maimed since dumping is all part of it.
      They leave their mess up to other people to clean up who usually don’t have anything to do with the exploitation to begin with.
      It’s no secret that the slaughterhouse is their main disposal system.
      It’s a nefarious, antiquated business model that breeds corruption, exploitation of both horses and people, and there are no redeemable factors while diverting billions in casino profits to keep this vile business going.
      There are no other solutions other than to shut it down, and immediately stop financially supporting it.

  4. I sometimes – when my husband is out – sit and cry. If I am upset, he gets upset, so I wait until I am alone and cry. All these wonderful animals sacrificed at such young ages, on the altar of greed. It truly makes my heart hurt.

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