Trainer on Ten City’s Death: “hard to understand”

The Kentucky chartwriters are loath (and loathe) to give up that state’s dead. A “euthanized” in the notes is practically unheard of; “broke down” – racing’s euphemism of choice for dead – is almost as rare. But of course when it’s an expensive horse in a big race, word gets out. Yesterday, the 2-year-old, $100,000-earning (in only four races) colt Ten City was a “went wrong, pulled up, vanned off” in the $500,000 Grade 1 Claiborne Futurity at Keeneland. Alas, Ten City is dead – euthanized, according to multiple sources, back in the barn.

Typical, too, in these matters are the revolting reactions that follow. Ten City’s trainer, Kenny McPeek, in a tweet:

“Yesterday was very very hard…In 32 years training, I’ve never lost a horse with such talent in such an important race. Hard to understand. Thank You for the notes of support and we will keep doing our best in a tough game. See you at the races.”

“Very very hard.”

“Never lost a horse with such talent.” (presumably he has lost other “lesser” horses)

“Hard to understand.”

“Will keep doing our best in a tough game.”

And my favorite: “See you [for more].”

Vile. Horseracing.


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  1. Sickening, and pathetic isn’t it?
    The Bloodhorse site on the Grade I Claiborne Futurity: “though the race was marred by a fatal injury to the colt Ten City..”
    So it’s literally stating that the horse Ten City was to blame for marring the race or that the race was not as good as it should be because, darn it, the horse broke down and died!!
    They seem inconvenienced by the fact that the horse broke down in such a high profile race because they couldn’t cover it up as Patrick mentions.
    Then the usual comments from the apologists:
    “so sorry for the connections.”
    In every comment I read there was little mention of the poor soul who lost his life for this vile business, connections, and all the apologists who support it.
    Like all supporters, and apologists they go right back and start to do it again – insanity.
    These people have a circuit of their brain deformed and they are all delusional to some extent.
    This is where the medical records should be released to the public – it should be mandatory so that charges can be laid, but this is Kentucky where racehorses are now livestock so that they can continue the abuse unabated with no neutral oversight.
    Even killing a horse on a race track now is not accountable one iota, and Kentucky leads the way on that.
    Kentucky – ” the horse capital of the world,” laughable.
    For all you people who question whether he died, this should answer it:
    “According to the NBC telecast, Ten City suffered a fracture in his left front leg. Dr. Mary Scollay reported that the leg has been splinted and the colt is being evaluated back at the barn. Trainer Ken McPeek later Tweeted that Ten City would not survive his injuries and had to be euthanized.”
    Now Mary Schollay (sorry I can’t call her a Doctor) strongly supports the horse racing industry and makes tons of money conducting studies to uphold this animal abuse so she is in direct conflict with her vet oath, and that’s why I can’t call her a vet just an enabler of the abuse.
    Now somebody tweeted that Josie Carroll, a trainer at Woodbine, had her 2 year old filly snap its leg-off in the 5th race at Woodbine today.
    Josie Carroll, like most, has left other dead horses under her direct care, and that’s why she’s supported.
    This industry supports trainers like her that maim, and kill horses especially when they are knowingly and/or probably sending out sore horses to fill races for the HBPA and/or wagering connections.
    That’s what they want, and that’s how they make money.
    So I quickly watched the replay, and yes the horse Beth’s Aurora broke down at about the half-mile pole.
    It looked bad, but everybody on this blog should know that Woodbine is no longer publishing the “Stewards Notes” on their website the last time I checked.
    This is a publicly funded track in one form or another who has been supported by taxpayers for years, and this is public information that is being withheld!!
    So they are intentionally hiding the maimed and dead while receiving 100 million per year from public gambling funds!

  2. What is it you don’t understand? this is a Fricking crying shame that these horses are subjected to….money hungry humans that do not care about anything BUT money!!!!

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